Sunday, November 20, 2011

Starbucks Card

We are getting ready to go to Houston, TX for thanksgiving.  Yes, that's right folks, all 5 of us are going to be road tripping to Houston! I know it is crazy, but we do drive through the night, all 17 hours, and it seems to help since the girls sleep the majority of the time (hopefully).  This will be the first time with the baby though, we are praying for sanity and we do have a few tricks up our sleeve.  
 We are also willing to stop and get a hotel if need be.

One of the things we do when we travel (although this is usually for a plane ride) Is we get a handful of $5 Starbucks cards (yes we are big Starbucks fans, both of us have worked there, and we enjoy many of the blissful drinks (thank you pumkin chai latte)). 
These gift cards are not for us, or the girls, they are for people who help us along the way, for people who see that we have our hands full and step in to help with anything.  It is fun to pick and choose who to give them to, we do it a lot at airports, to people working behind the ticket counter, to others helping with luggage, or helping to grab one of our run-away children, or just someone we feel like needs one.  Yes, I know people do nice things without needing a reward, but sometimes people should be rewarded even for the little things.
 These cards also come in so handy when I am out and about by myself with the girls.  I somehow always need an extra hand, and someone seems to always be willing to give it.  Many of you may not be able to afford to do something like this, and we certainly don't have extra money flying around, but really, we can't afford not to do this.
There is not a price on blessing others and we are already so blessed.
For the road trip we also stock pile snacks, movies, music, new treats, and the girls each get a bin with travel toys (with one new toy each).

What are some tips or things you do when traveling with your family?


  1. What a neat idea, Jenni! I like this.

  2. How special Jenni. That is just like you, to bless others. Love it!


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