Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What really happens

We try to do craft time or a learning time at home on occasion.  This week we are working on daddy's father day gift (shhhhhh..... don't tell him).  So this task was pretty simple, just some coloring for starters.

La la la, everyone is coloring and happy, mom takes a few photos.


And this is what happens with Norah after about 3 minutes of coloring.


She looses all attention and goes off and does something else.
Actually, this is what happens every time we try to sit down and color, craft, teach, watch tv, basically anything thing that requires some type of attention span.

And to be completely honest it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

At first, (like over a year ago) when Norah was a wee little 2 year old, I knew that I wasn't going to hold her attention very long simply because she was 2.  I kept telling myself "with more time her attention will grow, just don't stress out, don't loose patience, she has to eventually stop wiggling, and start participating, Right?"

It's not happening folks.

Norah is just Norah, in her own world many days.

And this is what Maya continues to do as Norah is moving about.

Daddy would be proud Maya is trying to spell the word, "bacon"

It is hard for me to be in both worlds at the same time
and this is the world of Norah (2 seconds of scribble color)
Should I be worried?


  1. Don't be worried Ava was the same way and I worried too. My son has an amazing attention Spanish but Ava likes to go and do things...it has gotten a lot better. I worried with school but she has gotten all "E's" ( which stands for excellent) in all subjects and is above grade level for math. She is going into second grade and is amazing. Her attention Span is great in school ( I always make sure to ask the teacher). I do remember though that I could not take her to her first movie theater movie till 31/2 -4 because of her attention span...I remember seeing other kids a lot younger just sitting watching movies on TV or heck-just sitting down for longer than a couple minutes, I was jealous and concerned but she is great no attention span issues now just a girl who likes to be moving and doing projects, I guess a lot like me. When I was pregnant with her she was a mover and came out that way. I just think...well at least she won't be a couch potato :-)

  2. ...Good luck :-) just know it is normal, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the attention span. She is just a busy bee wanting to be moving, doing and seeing everything happening. You are doing a great job :-)

  3. I always laugh because Josiah is Norah's little twin. Active. Crazy. Energetic. Same exact age. DON'T worry, Jenni. She will grow up.. and then you'll miss these times!! Oh, the irony!!

  4. Every kid is different. :-) I know kids my firstborn's age who can sit and color for HOURS, but my kid? Makes two or three lines with one crayon and then he's off and running. He'll sit and play with his big lego blocks forever, though. Each kid has their own thing I guess!

  5. ooh how cute! (and frustrating!) Definitely don't worry.


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