Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maya and her boyfriend(s)

This all started several months ago, when leaving church one night Maya said daddy's favorite words, " I have a boyfriend!"

Oh Great!  How did this happen already!  And then the conversation in the car ride home went a little something like this

Mom: "Maya what is your boyfriends name?"
Maya: "Ambry"
Mom: "Ambry?, do you mean Andy?"
Maya: " No mom, AMMBREE"
Norah chimes in: "Woody?" (as in Woody from toy story)

Silence in the car......... followed by hysterical laughter.  Oh Norah, what shall we do with you?

Continuing on, Maya speaks of Ambry often, telling us how she hopes he will be at church, that is a "Big Boy,"and that she really likes him.  And I am really not even sure if he really exists.

Fast Forward on to Papa and Yami's wedding. The reception starts and Maya finds this boy,


Boomer is what they call him.  Basically Maya wants nothing to do with us the entire night and hangs out with Boomer, THE WHOLE TIME!  For like 5 hours and I am sure forever if Maya had it her way.  I tried to get her to come join us a few times, and she would say things like, "I need to find my boyfriend, or, I want to do that with my boyfriend." And really, I think Boomer loved it just as much as Maya.




 Did I mention Boomer is much older than Maya, as if you can't tell from the photos.  He even told us, "Man, you guys are in trouble."

Well yes, Boomer I am in trouble, because of I have 2 more of those cute little girlies and a Daddy with no gun yet.  Better start our prayers now.

The next day Maya tells me this:" momma, I have like 5 boyfriends, Boomer, Ambry and I can't remember the other ones names."



  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. (so cute!) (and scary!!) hahahahha

  2. Pahahaha! This is so funny. I couldn't help but chuckle. :-D

  3. Oh my, hilarious, and yes, scary! hahaha :)


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