Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 days

We move in 10 days.... hopefully

Our appraisal isn't looking great.  We knew this would be our biggest obstacle with selling our house.  Basically the appraiser said she is having a hard time finding that our home is worth as much as we sold it for..... (there aren't any houses similar to ours that have sold for the same price recently) Knowing that our home sold in 5 days with 2 offers, and the current market is on the rise, we absolutely believe our home is worth as much as we sold it for, we just need the papers to match that.

We have packed a lot, but it still looks like nothing is packed!  We have to much stuff!

My mom is coming today!  I don't think I have ever been more excited for my mom to come!!

I feel so blessed and thankful for so many of your kind words towards our growing family.

Our crawl space completely overwhelms me with everything in it, yikes!

Norah fell asleep on me the other day, that NEVER happens!

I hope I like food again someday

Brett is in Atlanta, yep, right before we move. Keeping it exciting 

And why yes, Norah did cut her hair while he was gone again.  This time at school, about 1.5 inches in the front, the teacher stopped her right away, but told me when I picked up Norah. Oh Norah....

The Dr. I work for posted this sign at work
haha poor guy, someone is always pregnant (usually me, ha!)
Today Maya brought home a "love" book from school. And inside, along with all of her classmates she had drawn something that she "loved". When I saw this picture it just made my heart so happy!
She really does love her, they are even holding hands


  1. So precious is that drawing. ;)

    I will pray your appraisal goes through exactly as you need it to!

  2. Hi, my name is Catherine have a daughter 1 year and live in Brazil, I found your blog and am following you! kisses


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