Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter was a good break

sorry for the lack for the lack of posts lately.  As you can probably imagine Brett and I have spent every last waking minute the girls are sleeping trying to get stuff done around the house.  It is coming along slowly and surely and we are completely exhausted.  I can't even imagine buying a fixer-upper.  Our house is new and it is still tons of work!  The girls are loving the excitement of a new house and have even gotten to play in our dirt backyard.  Yep, its just dirt, no landscaping yet and I am a completely awesome mom and just let them sit there and play in the dirt.  It is like luxury compared to our previous no yard.

We do have a deck, which is a lifesavor, but the girls could only resit the calling of the dirt for so long.

Easter was a good day to take a break from house stuff,  and stop and remember the cross.  Well I at least took a break  from house stuff and I think Brett still hung a few photos, the OCD in him just couldn't resist. 

Here are just a couple Easter photos from the day.  Happy Easter! 

Yami got Baptized today, such a special moment as a family
love her reaction!  
We did a mini egg hunt at home
Maya got the most eggs, anyone surprised?
Sarah looked so cute in Norah's old dress, I had actually never seen Norah wear it, so it was special
look at me mom!
no Norah doesn't have cavities, or fillings, that is just chocolate in her teeth
why yes, Sarah's does have a beat up face, she ate the cement on a walk
with Papa & yami
the best we could get!

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