Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Goodlin #4

I am sure we surprised a few of you and left your minds reeling with a few questions with the announcement of our upcoming Goodlin :O)

This pregnancy is a huge reason why my blog and my life has been a little slower lately...... compared to all of my pregnancies this first trimester and into the second has been the hardest, just lots of really debilitating, yucky sickness, but lets not linger on that, it always eventually goes away and then I love being pregnant.

And you thought moving with 3 kids was hard......haha lets just add on a pregnant mom to the scenario.  Anyone want to help? You know everything always happens at once for us, right?

OH yeah, and that would be a huge reason why we are moving, adding another little Goodlin to the household, we were past max capacity.

I have been so nervous and anxious about telling people about this pregnancy.  I've heard people stop congratulating you after 3 kids..... and I have been afraid of what people will think, that I am crazy, and 4 kids is way to many,  and why would we ever do that?

Part of the reason that I think this is because I used to be that person, that one who thought having lots of kids was kind of crazy (sorry mom I don't really think you are crazy).  But it is amazing how God changes a persons heart over time.  After Norah came into our life every perception about what I thought our family was suppose to look like changed.  My heart changed and I began to better understand Gods view point a little better, what a precious gift children are, and He calls us to expand his Kingdom through our own children and that He didn't have a max size for our family set at 3 children, no matter what others thought.  I know this is not for every family, some are great with 1 child, others like 10.  I have just better learned to not care so much about how other people choose to build their families, God calls each of us differently.

Not just that, but in our hearts we were not done.  After we had Sarah and I bought her a matching Christmas stocking, but I didn't just buy her one, I bought another one for a total of 6 matching stockings... just in case someday we needed another matching one.
 I couldn't answer the question, "are you guys done yet?"  It was always, "I don't know".
 I couldn't get rid of any big obnoxious bulky baby items.... and they kind of drive me crazy, but I couldn't let them go.  Even when my mom asked me if she could get rid of baby stuff at her house, I told her "No".

And Brett, he has always been on board for one more child and is more than excited! If it wasn't for my  bi-polar. " I want another baby,"  I don't want another baby,"  "I want another baby," " I don't want another baby, " now I am crying at the thought of not being able to have another baby, we may have been pregnant even sooner.   Brett cares much less about what other people think, and is more annoyed by the comments of a few that "it better be a boy this time."

And another thing that has been very hard is knowing those that are close to us that are struggling with infertility.   There is almost a sense of guilt knowing that becoming pregnant has not been an issue for us, but for some very special people it has been extremely hard and heartbreaking situation.  I have so much hope for them, but my heart also hurts that they have to be reminded further by another person around them getting pregnant again.

And about the gender.  Yes, we will find out, as for telling others once we have found out, we aren't quite sure yet :O)  We are not having another child to try to have a boy, that is silly.  We simply want to have another blessing of a child, boy or girl.  And if it is a girl we will be more than thrilled, it is what we know, we have everything for a girl, and there are many things that would be so much easier.  We would be blessed with a boy as well, although we would be clueless as what to do and he certainly would have a lot of mommies.  So you do not need to be hopeful for us that it is a boy, just be hopeful that it is a healthy baby.  Heck, we have an adopted child and still have all girls, so nothing will surprise us.

Oh and by the way, I think it's a girl.  Because the sickness, the cravings, because we would be the family to have 4 girls and it would be amazing!

Also, it is just one baby, not 2, although that would have been hilarious, for like a minute

The girls are so very excited! 

The baby is due September 13th

We have known since the end of December and I knew right away because I woke up in the middle of the night "on fire!" so I knew my body had to be cooking something.


So love our hate us, think we are crazy or not.  This is our life.  The Goodlins.


  1. We love you guys and couldn't be more excited for you! You are an amazing mother and it so beautiful to hear how God's has transformed your heart. Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Goodlin family...boy or girl, it's going to be an adorable, precious bundle of love!

  2. I love when people decide to have big families! I think the dynamic is neat (not that it can't be in small families, of course) with all the different personalities. I'm so excited for you! I remember when you said you'd only have, how things change. :) I hope the sickness ends soon and your move goes as smoothly as can be. Love, Laura C

  3. I am so so so excoted for you guys.. As you could tell at work;)

  4. So excited for you and your family!!

  5. LOVE you guys!! i couldn't stop smiling the whole time reading this post:)

  6. Hey Jenni! We're also expecting baby #4, due at the end of August. And I also get really sensitive when people say, "maybe you'll get your boy this time!" As though we wanted another baby because we weren't satisfied with our 3 girls. I hope you start feeling better soon :)

  7. Such a sweet post! I'm beyond happy for you. :) You are both great parents, from what I see from afar. Praying you feel better quickly and that your move goes quickly. Congrats again, friend.

  8. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog ... maybe we have a mutual friend or something? We are pregnant with #4, and our 3 girls are 3, 3, and 1. So our stories are very similar! I felt like I was the one writing this. We truly just want another person in our family; we don't care if it's a boy or a girl. But I HAVE unfortunately been the recipient of some rude comments this time. It took me a couple of weeks after making our announcement to make peace (again) that this is what is right for our family. Congratulations!

  9. I don't know how I missed this! I'm so happy for you <3 We want #5 and I have all the same thoughts/fears of what other people will think but we plan to do what our hearts feel regardless of what others think. Enjoy your baby belly <3

  10. Congatulations!!! Such blessed news. We are so happy you and Brett, and the girls. This new little one whether girl or boy will have love beyond measure. I look forward to see how this little one is incorporated into your Days of Christmas advent (that is if you do it again this year). That was so fun seeing the daily pictures last year. Congrats again! Much love

  11. Whether it's a boy or a girl, the baby will be an absolute delight! :-)Every baby is a blessing.

  12. I feel like our stories are very similar- just in a little different order. We have 3 kids of our own, and are just starting the process to adopt another one. When my kids were younger, I didn't really see them as the blessing that they are. But God has changed my heart so much over the past couple of years and now we want to add at least one more! And we also live in a house that we have already outgrown and will be needing to move or add to in the next couple of years to accommodate our growing family!

    Congratulations on the new house and new baby!! Praying for your family during this crazy time of moving and pregnancy!

  13. Congratulations on your pregnancy! So happy for you and to hear the news!


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