Sunday, August 25, 2013

9 months Pregnant!

Ummmm I am full term, that is 9 months pregnant with little brother!!!
say what?

How crazy is that?

I always feel better when I get to this point in the pregnancy because if the baby had to come he would be ok :O)  his chances of surviving outside of the womb are very good at this point

although, I think he still wants to be in there a little longer, which is fine with me.

My due date is September 13th.
Maya says he is coming the 12th,
but for some reason I can't get Sept 15th out of my head.
We will see though.

One of my favorite things about labor is the not knowing, I love that is it a surprise!!  I am such a planner with everything that this is one of the things in life I just love not knowing the exact time or day for! 
Although, now it is a bit more complicated with multiple children.

You know, this has been my first pregnancy not surrounded by death.
When I was pregnant with Maya, Fran died
My 2nd pregnancy was a misscariage
My 3rd Pregnancy with Sarah, was right after Carrisa died and we were adopting Norah

My 4th pregnancy, with little brother has been healthy and healing in so many ways.  Yes, I have had the emotions that come along with pregnancy, but I have not had the added emotions of pain and loss right next to me.  I have been able to celebrate and enjoy the full miracle inside of me! 
I am so thankful for that, more than anyone can know.

It is bitter sweet as the pregnancy comes to an end.  I really can't wait to meet our son and am so very eager, but knowing that this may be the last time I enjoy the stage of life, that is, being pregnant is a little sad.... or a lotta sad

I saw a pregnant friend of mind do a photo similar to this with her girls and loved it!
So here's to the anticipation, the not knowing, the excitement, the joy, all that is just right around the corner! 
Here's to 9 months of pregnancy!


  1. You look amazing! I can't believe you're already 9 months pregnant. Can't wait to "meet" the little man!

  2. you're so beautiful. I don't know how it's been 9 months already. Crazy crazy.

  3. You look great! I can't wait to see when he decides to come out (:


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