Sunday, August 4, 2013

8 Months pregnant (with little brother)

8 months pregnant and...

I am obsessed with the virgin version of this drink, thanks to my BFF Sarah and her fabulous recipe!  It is like a great mix of a strawberry margarita and daiquiri all in one!  It's got coconut milk it in, so it's healthy,  right?

My belly is pretty sensitive to food and it seems like anytime I go out to eat I throw up my entire meal, it's just when I go out to eat though......sad.

Sometimes I am pretty sure my sons hand is going to come right out of me

We have been working on the nursery, slowly making progress.  This is so late into a pregnancy for me, I mean I am 34 weeks and I don't have the nursery done yet?  who am I?  Oh wait, I have 3 kids, we just moved and I have been decorating an entire house, I guess that's a good excuse, it is just still so late in the pregnancy for me, I have had a few freak out moments!  I am just weird like that though....

Here is a little sneak peak of his room  (it should be done this week!)

I only have 5 weekends until I am due, that is not a lot! Let the nesting begin, well actually I think that started at like the beginning of my pregnancy.

I am aloud to have at least one (if not more) irriational pregnancy freakouts right?
Well mine happened..... Ikea was all out of the crib I wanted, so we went with crib choice #2 (we are running out of time folks), which had a slight curvature on the ends, looking slightly feminine to me, but Brett assured me it was fine.  So we bought it.

Well, we get home
Next day I am in the nursery, Brett is at work.
I have a freak out!
I cannot have the crib with the curved railing, it is tooo girly!!!  And I am going to despise it every time I walk into the room and wish I had the other crib!!! Lots of emotions running high!

I look online and see the if crib I prefered will be in stalk later in the week at Ikea, and it is!

I email Brett bc I am to embarresed to call him about my freak out

And he graciously says he will go back to Ikea (1 hour away) and exchange it.

Love him

And you can see how the cribs are hardly different....

curvedcrib gulliver-crib__70462_PE185759_S4
haha, I told your I was allowed to have a least one irrational freakout right
oh and I also made brett return candy at the gas station bc it was the wrong kind of sour worms for the movie.... I didn't even know you could make a return at a gas statio, but Brett did

And my sweet little Maya can often be found doing this oftenDSC_0696


  1. Jenni, you are so funny! Yay for Brett making the exchange... you probably will be happier in the long run. Have you guys used an Ikea crib in the past? I was considering one but wondered about the durability, etc.

    1. Brenna, we haven't used an ikea crib before, but we also figure that we won't need it for 4 other children, so I am hoping it will last just the few years we need it to. And the price is right too!


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