Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seasons of Change

This season of life is just bringing a ton of change! Not just with a baby coming and Maya starting kindergarten, but with a good friend who just moved and me finishing my job at Pine Creek Dental as a hygienist.

Yep, I am officially done!

I know I only worked one day a week, a really amazing set up!

But all summer long I went back and forth, should I just take maternity leave or should I just step away from work for a long while, to put in my notice.???  Brett and I talked and prayed about it for a long time!

I finally had to be realistic.  With 4 really small children it just isn't possible for me to work one day a week right now.  Not that I am not physically capable, but that it is so hard to find childcare for a reasonable cost and with someone I can trust....... with that many kids

So this season calls for a total break from working outside the home.  I can tell you in a million years I never pictured this.  I love my job, the office I worked for, the girls I worked with, plus I worked so hard to become a hygienist, so it is bitter sweet !  
But heck, has any of my life ever been what I pictured it?  
haha, yeah not really.

I wanted to celebrate with the girls who have been so much a part of my life.  I really see them as family and it will be hard not getting to see them weekly.  They have laughed with me, cried with me, and just celebrated life with me.  They have seen me in some of my best moments and some of my worst moments and been right by my side.   We have spent countless hours laughing about how peoples gums bleed when I stab them with a sharp instrument and getting excited about tons of tarter build up!  ( I hope you know I am kidding, well not really about the tarter, it is so fun to clean off).

 So I had a little brunch for them, really just a small thing I could do for them after the countless things they have done for my family and me. 
DSC_1016 DSC_1014

We had some yummy food together
  DSC_1009 DSC_1008 DSC_1017

and some tasty drinks

And shared many stories together
  DSC_1027 DSC_1033

love these girls

So here's to my early Wednesday mornings of seeing Janices smiling face

hearing Laurens crazy stories

Having tori touch my baby belly and make artistic pictures
The is a drawing reenacting Maya's first day of school

entering my room where I have treated thousands of patients

the dr stepping right up to have fun with situations that probably make his life harder DSC_0417 

and treating people as more than just a mouth, but as people, who have real lives, and real issues.
I will miss the tarter, the stain, the insane stories, but more than anything I will miss the people.  
The ones who are so much more than patients, but I truly a part of my life

It's really not goodbye to being a hygienist though, I still hope to sub on occassion and possible return when Norah is in Kindergarten and the baby turns one, we will see what doors are open though.

It's more like see you later

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  1. A few things... I love that you said that leaving your dentist's office was bitter sweet, I immediately thought that could give you a cavity! Also, the picture they drew on the dry erase board totally had pregnant belly and that was awesome, seems like an awesome group of people to work with! Although... I have to say I'm terribly afraid of the dentist, not like most people, like I have horrible teeth and a worse track record with mean dentists, so much so that I have severe panic attacks just smelling the office ... yes, I said SMELLING.

    Again, I really want to hang out and drink coffee (I saw that you have a menu at your house!!) and talk about life.

    I think you rock.


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