Sunday, August 11, 2013

Maya's first day of Kindergarten

Still can't believe this tiny baby of ours started Kindergarten!


And how did that day go you ask?

well..... of course there is a story with it!

Brett took the day off, because it was a special one
Maya wakes up soo happy and excited,  she gets ready and eats breakfast, see

Then we do her first day of school pics
mayakindergarten2 mayakindergarten3 DSC_0725 DSC_0722 DSC_0735

And then it all goes down hill....

I go get Sarah & Norah out of their beds so we can leave like now!

But, Norah peed the bed everywhere...... great.  Well, I will just have her get dressed really quick and deal with the pee mess later.

We load up the stroller with Norah & Sarah, since we walk to school (yay for that!)

I am impatiently waiting for Brett in the driveway, so I run inside for 2 seconds to see where he is

Meanwhile, Norah gets out of the stroller which proceeds to push it down our driveway 100mph toward the street with Sarah in it!!

I scream and run (or waddle or whatever a hysterical pregnant women does)

The stroller hits the curb hard and goes into the middle of the street! but doesn't tip, flip or crash into any cars..... thank the Lord.

Sarah is crying, of course she is, I am sure it was scarey and moms response didn't help

I am shaken up, and just irritated and want to leave....... not a good start

So we leave, as we are walking, I grab my camera to take a few photos of our 2 minutes journey to school to find that my camera lense has shattered from the stroller incident...... my $150 Christmas present lense........... NOT A GOOD DAY!

I try to hold it together for Maya, but am a bit of an emotion mess, you know first child in kindergarten, pregnant, one child almost dies in stroller, other child in stroller is crying, and now favorite camera lense is broken.  EEEKKKK!!

Maya comforts  and hugs me ans says, "It's ok mommy you can get a new one"  such a sweet girl

I take Maya inside her classroom.  Meanwhile Brett exams my camera.

Maya does great, she sits right down and doesn't have one hesitation.  She doesn't even want me to stay.  I linger for a few minutes since there are so many parents hanging around, but Maya doesn't need me, she has already forgotten about me :O)

I miss her already, sigh

I go outside and Brett informs me that my camera lense is not shattered, it was just the $20 filter over the lense.  Oh my gosh, thank the lord!

We walk home to find a Starbucks drink sitting on the porch for me from a friend, who anticipated it might be a hard day for me.  Made my whole day,  I have a friend like that!   Seriously, 10 minutes before the day was an utter mess!  Now instantly, I have an alive and well Sarah, and non-broken camera lense and a caramel macchiato in my hands.  That turned around quickly.

And as for Maya.... well I am pretty sure she was made for school.  When we went to pick her up from school, she was up front and in charge as the class line leader.  She instantly informed us that was the 2nd time that day she was the "line leader"  and she was just beaming.  And the rest of the afternoon Maya  just non-stop talked about school.

And as for me.  I am much more emotionally stable (all within the limits of pregnancy of course). The house is quite without Maya but we are doing well, just enjoying the house with only 2 kids for like a day(1 month until due date!!).  And I am truly blessed to have a friend that would go out of their way to bring me Starbucks, not because it was specifically Starbucks (although that is awesome) but because she even thought of doing such a kind thing on a day that others may not realize is hard, love her and her friendship!

You can read Maya's kindergaten interview here MayaKindergarteninterview


  1. So glad everything ended well. My goodness. I'm hoping to have a less eventful first day of Kindergarten in a few weeks! I love the picture and interview ideas. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Haha! I love that she wants to go to school to have "alone time"!! So funny! Spoken like a typical first born. So glad she had a great first day!

  3. ahhhhhhh I will totally freak out once my baby goes to sweet that your husby took the day off for such a special day...the whole family was there to support Maya!!

    On a side note I just realized that your husband is named Brett...and my husband is Bret

    And your daughter is Maya...and my daughter is Mya??

    haha :-)

  4. I love her outfit!!!

    I'm glad she had a good day and yours improved!!!

    1. Christy, thanks for the outfit compliment! She has to wear uniforms so there are only so many combos we can do :O)


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