Monday, October 14, 2013

Levi's Newborn photos

Back in May I entered a contest for a free newborn photo session with Dueck Photography, and somehow I actually won!!  I was so excited knowing that I had a little man coming in September.  Danae, the photographer (who just happens to have my sisters rare name) was so sweet and flexible setting up a time to photograph Levi right after he was born.

I must say I was very impressed, Danae was incredibly professional, sending me information on what I needed to do before Levi was even born.  She sent me to cutest cards and information.

In addition to photographing Levi, Danae offered to take some photos of the family and Levi with the girls! What a blessing for us!

Danae was so sweet and great with Levi!  Her demeanor with him and the girls was just outstanding!  She is a mom herself, so she knew what she was doing, but she was so sweet and patient!  She also gave them cute stickers (not candy) for a treat for doing such a great job. 

Wanna see some?
My favorite one of Levi is on the birth announcement, so i didn't want to post it on this blog because not all of them have been mailed. 

Levi Paul_035_Art
Levi Paul_065 Levi Paul_045 Levi Paul_046_Art Levi Paul_003 Levi Paul_050_Art Levi Paul_043 Levi Paul_072_Art

 I wanted them in age order, but Sarah wouldn't sit by Norah, she insisted on being by Maya
  Levi Paul_007
Levi Paul_019 Levi Paul_030_Art Levi Paul_008_Art

And my favorite
 Levi Paul_004_Art

Didn't Danae do such an awesome job??!!

Danae is offering 10% off to any of my readers, just mention my blog to her!! She works with her husband and doesn't just do newborns either, they do everything, family, weddings, seniors, kids, check out their website or blog.  So if you live in Southern Colorado and need a Christmas card, or have a baby coming, or just want some great photos check them out!


  1. Absolutely LOVE all of them! So, so beautiful! Such a blessed family <3

  2. Beautiful, I just loving newborn pictures! She did a wonderful job!


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