Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Norah goes to Pre-K

I know this is so late.... Norah started pre-K in September, just a few days after I had Levi, so I needed a few days/weeks/months, then  when I went to do the original blog post, my i photo wasn't working so I couldn't do it then either and then life just happened.  We are still in October though, right,? and I wanted to remember these days with Norah, and although her first day of school wasn't quite as exciting as Maya's, it was still very special.

Norah is my goof ball, always busy, always moving.  She has also become my helper, she helps so much with Levi, getting diapers, singing to him, playing with him, just being a great big sister.  One thing she really loves though is going to Pre-K.  She asks me what day of the week it is to determine how close it is for her to get to go to Pre-K again (she just goes 2 afternoons a weeks).

She was so excited about her first day that Grammy did her hair up real special

She looks so cute


But this is my real Norah, never giving the camera a real smile, just being her goofy self, so much like her mommy Carrisa!!
DSC_0695 DSC_0693 DSC_0696 DSC_0697

it has taken almost 9 months for Norah's hair to become even again after the dreaded butcher from last Decemember, but I guess Norah doesn't like even hair because she cut it again!!!!!!

 yep, you can all gasp and judge me as a parent.   A few weeks ago, she got a hold of some scissors that were high up, she then hid under the table and did a number on her bangs.  I had no words, I just gave her  directly to Brett.  She is bound to be a hair dresser, or I am just that bad of a parent.   The Lord just continues to humble me

Short bangs, silly faces and all, I love this girl norahmom norahmom2

so here is Norah's Pre-K Interview norahprekinterview 

Rapunzle much? She has loved Rapunzle ever since we have had her for almost 3 years!


  1. Love her silly faces and hair cutting!! What a goofball :)

  2. Norah is really beautiful and you aren't a horrible parent. Kids get scissors or anything else we try to hide from them. Where there is a will, there is a way. I would be more afraid of her cutting her fingers, but I guess she must be very deft with them. I should tell you a story about Jeremiah and my long huge upholstery scissors. I was sick in bed and he brought the scissors and his blood dripping hand to me, I tried to stop the bleeding and wash his hand and fainted on the floor. Somehow they make it thru childhood. Love these photos and how you make each event so memorable for the children. Loved it.

  3. That girl, how I love her so! Norah is precious in so many ways. Love watching her grow! She sure does keep you on your toes, Jenni, but she is such a beautiful reflection of your love and grace over her little life.


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