Thursday, October 24, 2013

the pumpkin patch or not patch

It has been over a year since I was last in California.
This is the longest it has ever been since I have been there.
I heart Californiaand my friends and family that are there, you all know that, so going for long periods of time without visiting is hard on me.
This crazy thing happens with you start having more kids, it just becomes a little harder to travel, you know more expensive, and most likely more poop to clean up. And with Maya being in school and me just having a baby I knew that California was not in the books for this fall, which was a big ole bummer!

I have shed a few tears about this long pause in our visit, and complained to Brett a million times about the pumpkin patch in Colorado, or that lack of it.  I think the pumpkin patch here just reminds of what I am missing out on in California;  Glorious Apple Hill, the wineries, the scenery, Bishops Pumpkin patch, a cold apple slushy, 75 degrees, apple donuts,  sigh......and  in Colorado we have a random field with some pumpkins, a slide, freezing cold wind, and a tired looking pony.  Gosh, I sound like a whiny 3 year old, guess I have been around a few to many of those lately, maybe like everyday.

So we got a groupon and took the girls to the Colorado pumpkin patch  windy field this year.  You know what though, the girls loved it!  They squealed with delight, well mostly, Sarah cried quite a bit and had a runny nose because it was so windy.  But they really did like it, and that is what matters.  It was really fun to watch them so happy, it made me forget for a second that I was really bitter about not being in California.

DSC_0614 DSC_0487

The slide is actually pretty fun. 

See even Brett likes it


I always get a tinge of anxiety when my girls get on any type of horse, that feeling is always followed by a little sadness knowing Fran can't see her granddaughters on a horse, she would have been so proud
  DSC_0524 DSC_0533 DSC_0545

rubber ducky water race
  DSC_0557f DSC_0570

Yep, life

I tell ya, this girl, she's gonna change the world someday

Sarah had a case of what I call "disneyland line syndrome"  she doesn't know how to wait her turn, so she cries even though she is about to get to do something really fun

Pumpkins!  Not connected to any sort of patch
  DSC_0619 DSC_0636 DSC_0640 DSC_0638 DSC_0643

And my favorite, the corn box.  I think our 3 girls took up the whole thing.
  DSC_0663 DSC_0665 DSC_0654sf

Any my favorite picture of the day, when Sarah fell out of the corn box right as I took a photo.  Hahaha, still makes me laugh

I promise Levi does exist and come to things with us, he was just sleeping in the stroller the whole time, he's really good at that!

Maybe next year California


  1. The pictures look like you embraced the "pumpkin patch". I applaud you for making a fun time for the girls while your heart is homesick.

  2. We could trade houses for a week or two. I've always wanted to go to Colorado. I love their blonde hair all over their faces. Such lovely children you have.

  3. Looks like a great time, though I never even thought about it and here we have all these real pumpkin patches and I made the girls pick their pumpkins from the piles by the exit door, lol! Cute pics!


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