Monday, November 11, 2013

Since Having 4 kids.....


I have left my wallet at Target 2 times

I never ever sit down to eat breakfast, or lunch

I constantly smell like milk

I have become ok with crying as background ambiance 

Since having 4 kids....

I have learned that it is ok to accept help when people offer

I have become a Costco Executive member, yep!

I am not intimidated anymore

I embrace and smile at the comments people make toward me

I am always cleaning up blood or poop

Since having 4 kids......

I automatically get a long with anyone who has 4 kidsl

I use up a lot of band-aids and fruit snacks

I usually have some sort of sticker on my clothes and/or something crusty in my hair

I am stretched, pushed, challenged and humbled constantly

I worry less about what others think

 Since having 4 kids......
I apologize a lot
I find it is impossible to get a photo where everyone is smiling

I have given up more of myself

I think everyone should have 4 kids

I certainly pray more often, because the Lord knows I can't do this alone

Since having 4 kids...........

I love and am loved a whole lot more
momm1 mommy4 mommy2 mommy3


  1. you have such a beautiful family!!

  2. I love these pictures! Having one is hard enough - I dont know how you do it!!

    1. Thanks! I took the pics! The one of all of us is a timer

  3. Love this - I have to laugh at the fourth one - crying as background ambiance, ha! It can be like that around here sometimes already. :-)

  4. "I think everyone should have 4 kids" - Now you just need to convince my husband of this, lol


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