Sunday, November 3, 2013

Levi Paul {2 months}

I decided that I like to call Levi, "Levi Paul" at least in writing, it somehow seems more complete.

You are 2 months old now Levi Paul, weighing in a a whopping 9lbs 13 oz, only in the 4th percentile for baby boys your age, still my tiny little guy.

Just hanging out with Broccoli head  levipaul2months2

You are such a sweet little baby, especially now since I have come to figure out a few things.  You don't do well if I drink caffeine, it definitely affects you, but that's no surprise I don't think most babies do well on caffeine (go figure).   Ever since I stopped drinking it you really don't fuss at all and are so easy going.  We also discovered that you have acid reflux, so in my mind I thought you just liked to be held a lot (which you do) but in reality I think it just felt a whole lot better being upright because laying you flat on your back hurt your little throat and belly.  Now that we know this and are able to prop you up a bit you love your bed and sleep very well.  


You already had your first haircut at 6 weeks old!  Your dad just came downstairs with you one day and had buzzed off all off your hair except for a little faux hawk on the top.  I freaked out at first because I almost didn't recognize you and your dad did this without my knowing!   I am kind of a freak like that and have to document and capture all moments like this.  It's ok though, sometimes I just have to let go and let your dad have fun with his little boy!

You smile a whole lot and make the sweetest coos.  Sometimes just hearing my voice will bring a smile to your face and it warms my heart.   There are times you will just stop nursing look up at me and smile, it gets me every.time! Norah loves your smiles so much, she tells me over and over all day long, "mommy, Levi just smiled at me, he must love me."
IMG_5057 IMG_5212 

 You are my easiest transition baby.  That is, if I have to move you from bed to car seat, during the middle of your nap (which is a lot) you always do a great job falling back asleep!  Your sisters were the opposite of this, they wouldn't go back to sleep once I moved them, we were doomed.   I guess being a 4th child kind of automatically makes you a good transition baby, because you have no other option if you want to nap!  I am sure this will get harder as you get older to.

Your bowel movements have become more frequent and regular, hallelujah!  Your gas still smells horrible though and you seriously fart all.the.time! 

I'm pretty sure your eyes will be blue levipaul2months3 

and you still fall asleep in my arms (hanging on to this one as along as possible) levipaul2months4 

I didn't know my heart could love a little boy so much, but you just melt mine all the time.  I try to savor the quite moments we have at night, just you and me together, no distractions, no random sister outbursts or banging you on the head.  You are my sweet son.

and this is typically what most of your photos look like DSC_0591

DSC_0603 DSC_0595

I love you little man


  1. what a cutie!! Is the giant Broccoli from IKEA? I think I saw them there once.

  2. Love reading your posts on little Levi. I just had my first boy after two girls and there are so many similarities that you've pointed out... especially the stinks. My word! My girls blew out diapers often, but never tooted and smelled like my boy. I have a smiley boy too... even in the middle of nursing. Love it, love it, love it! Glad to hear you are all adjusting well.

    1. That's so funny about your girls blowing out all the time, mine did that too, but Levi has only ever had one blow out! His gas makes up for it though!

  3. He's so precious!! Love your little family!

  4. Love him, Jen! I think he looks like Maya. The faux hawk suits him:)


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