Wednesday, November 20, 2013

we're all a little broken

Recently Brett has been hard core about getting us all to the Dr. for everything, things I have been putting off for Years!  He just scheduled things for me and told me when I had to be there.  Sometimes I need that, or a lot of times I need that.

So we have been to the regular Dr., the OBGYN,  the Cardiologist, the Eye Dr., the Knee Dr. and the Physical Therapist!  Phew, that makes me tired just writing that!

Maya went to the cardiologist, no worries people.  She just has a small heart murmur that they monitor every few years.  Her check up went great, the murmur is still there, barely, and she doesn't have to go back until she is 10.

We all saw the eye Dr. and to my surprise Norah needed glasses!  I was shocked actually.  I just thought we would be in and out, regular check up everyone is great, but not the case!  I just forget sometimes that Norah has a bit of a different gene pool than the rest of us. She needs to wear glasses regularly to see!  I actually think this will help with some things we were struggling with at home and preschool, she was having a hard time writing letters and now I know she just couldn't quite see what they looked like.  It is still strange to see her in them, I feel like glasses don't fit her personality, but some how the glasses are changing her personality a little bit..... she's so cute in them though!

And for me, beside the postpartum OB checks I have had to see an Orthopedic Dr and a Physical Therapist for me bum knee.  It's not really a big deal, I have IT band syndrome, basically it is  tendinitis in my knee from running.  It really only bothers me when I run, so the Dr told me the best solution to fix the problem is to not run, like ever.  So if I ever want to run again, I have to do Physical Therapy.  Well being that I am only 31 and I would like to stay healthy, running is an option I would like to have.  So lets just throw in 2 PT appointments a week and 20 minutes of leg exercises a day, while trying to run a family of 4, make dinner, get kids to and from school, nurse a baby, clean, play, and get ready for a thanksgiving road trip and Christmas.  Oh and I have to do this all before the end of the year, because of insurance, yikes!

And well Sarah
 she might just need some mental health

But really in all reality, after seeing all of these Dr's I am so thankful!  Thankful that with our family, with all 6 of us, that these are the only problems we have.  They are so small, and easy to fix.  They are not life threatening or life altering.  We have a happy and healthy little baby and all of the girls are really very healthy.  And considering the medical history our family has; leukemia, brain cancer, heart disease, Kawasaki disease, diabetes and horse accidents, this is a huge blessing!

So in the season of thankfulness, I am very thankful, thankful for having a healthy family! familyrock2_edited-1


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  2. Norah looks so cute in glasses! Glad you all are healthy!

  3. I love the glasses on Norah...of course I am biased since I had glasses starting at age 2. :)

  4. Ah, glad everyone is doing well! The glasses are so cute on her!


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