Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Fall Fun

How about some

Lets start with some halloween photos, because really the only good thing about halloween is totally adorable kids dressed up making them totally more adorable, right?

Princess Maya {Brave}

halloween5 halloween7

Princess Norah {Cinderella}
  halloween8 halloween10

Princess Sarah {Mini}
  halloween11 halloween4

And Prince Levi {the frog}
  halloween2 halloween3

The Princesses and their frog  halloween13

With Dad.
.......uhhhh I dunno what Brett is,  apparently the girls don't know either

Happy Halloween!

And now for some video fun!!  Brett made a few short videos of the girls

the first is of Maya trying to teach Norah the books of the Bible (the new testament)

the 2nd is of a soup Maya made us one night for dessert, delicious!

Weeeeee!!! Thanks for having fun with us!

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