Wednesday, January 15, 2014

20 Favorites from Twenty 13

I know that this is a little late, but it is still January, so I'm allowed to post my 20 favorite photos from last year :O)

Seats Taken
and how appropriate that they chair was blue, we had no idea at the time we were having a boy seatstaken

Finding out we were having a boy! balloon2

One of my favorite places, Durango, CO. With my 3 favorite girls loving each other durango7

Being at the Ocean in Florida, enjoying some time with only him 

6 of my 20 favorite photos from the whole year come from the 4th of July. I just love our time in KC during this holiday





the fact that Sarah's diaper is showing makes me love this photo even more the4th2

 Because we hardly get any photos of just the 2 of us anymore embrace

The Color Run, even though Maya looks slightly scarey in this photo, I still love it colorrun7

My 3 mini Me's

Capturing her sweet side sarah1 

My favorite moment of the year

The First photo of our family of 6! forever treasured IMG_6931-2740673314-O 

Because everything about this is hilarious halloween2013 

My handsome tiny little man leviroom2 

thankful for this family @ thankgiving thanksgiving1 


Which is your favorite photo? A random person might get a prize if you let me know!


  1. I love all them you have such a great eye!! What a treasure these will be for them someday. I love them all but #12 of Maya is so vivid and magical that one is my favorite ;-)

  2. I love the Halloween one. Everyone looks like they are having a blast!

  3. There are so many great pics here Jenni! But I can't love any one more than #9 of Norah w/ Chloe!!! SO much said about friendship and goodness and friendship in their little faces.

  4. oh man, i can't choose. they are ALL just the absolute best!!! …the mini-me ones, with your girlies looking at their baby bellies gets me. and the one with you holding levi for the first time, because i was there and now just how amazing it actually was! :)

  5. I like #3! I'm a sucker for holding hand photos being taken from behind. And the fact it's three sisters sharing a bond just tops off the sweetness!

  6. #20 is my favorite but #15 is really special too!

  7. I adore precious. I also love #15 because you look radiant!


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