Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm weird

I'm a planner

Days that aren't planned can give me anxiety.  Even if the plans for the day are to have "no plans" I just need to know it is planned that way

I am a routine person
I mean, with 4 small children I kind of have to be.  We have a lot of structure
but typically we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner about the same time everyday.
 I vacuum on Mondays,

I mop and menu plan on Tuesdays, shop on Wednesdays, clean bathrooms and collect trash on Thursdays, wash laundry on Saturdays and fold it on Sundays  photo-1 

Do you still want to be my friend?

I do like to be flexible though.  As much as you need a schedule with 4 small children you also need to be flexible, because some unlikely poop event or other catastrophe is bound to occur and break the whole schedule

I hate driving in the snow, like despise it, will avoid it at all costs! It gives me terrible anxiety and has even been known to bring on a cold sore.  And I drive like a grandma in the snow..... and really don't care when 45 cars are lined up behind me and all of them thinking the same thing, "she must be from Californai!" because they are totally right!

I don't like talking on the phone, especially to people I don't know

The thought of cotton in my mouth makes me cringe

I can't handle crumbs all over the floor, it drives my feet crazy so I sweep like 45 times a day

I like cleaning tarter off of teeth.  In fact, the more the merrier! 

I'm weird, and I need a housekeeper.
 What makes you weird?


  1. Oh, my gosh! i love this whole post. I'm weird for more reasons than I can possibly name. After pouring syrup on my waffles, I lift them and dump the syrup off so that it isn't in all those little pockets. Because, apparently that's too much syrup? I routinely don't answer my phone because i just can't be bothered but am incredibly annoyed when someone I'm calling won't answer theirs. I profess a love of traveling but kind of hate it the whole time I'm there. Except when i get home. then I love that I went. Shall I go on? :)

  2. I like organizing digital files, like our music or photos. Because I've gotten so behind doing this I have to budget my time and do just a few folders at a time. :)


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