Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sarah's dictionary

Don't let this cute face fool you, or do let it fool you, because it fools us all the time!

Welcome to Sarah's Dictionary, a 2 year olds interpretation of Websters Dictionary. 
 For now, I prefer Sarah's version

Possum:  For others this may be known as "pasta" but for Sarah pasta must have a whole different flavor profile

Monkers: the term used for "monsters," but trust me "monkers" is way cuter

Ribbit ribbit:  the sound Sarah's "turtle" potty apparently makes

Nory take: the phrase used anytime Norah is remotely close to Sarah, regardless if anything has been taken or not

Corn: any type of food that is white or yellow, which can include macaroni, cereal, cheese,or actual corn

Play Beans:  what Sarah says when she wants to organize  makes a mess with a gigantic bucket of Beads

Drive:  the new word for waking up "Dry"

Boy: most would think this has to do with gender, but for Sarah it means I must hold her like a baby

Pop it: the phrase used when Sarah she wants me to bite into her apple to get it started

Two babies:  the phrase used when mommy is carrying both Levi and Sarah. I'd say she's very accurate, Mr Webster might have to agree.

It's coming:  the phrase used every single time Sarah sits on the potty regardless if something is coming or not

What the Heck: whoops....... she must have learned that from me :o/ sarah2



  1. I love "pop it!" That's my fave! I can't believe how long her hair is getting. Love that baby girl and love you Jen!!!

  2. Awe those are cute! Love "pop it" for apple...especially since she wants you to take the first bite. I wonder how many apples you've consumed thru first bites?! Lol


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