Saturday, January 4, 2014

Levi Paul {4 months}

What a month this has been!

You grew up this past month and lost all of your hair, and Surprise it is coming in blonde now, which is really not a surprise at all! No beard yet though....

You had your first official Christmas and participated so well
DSC_0973 DSC_1003 christmas5

You got to hang out with Grammy and Poppy a whole lot

And you also had a lot of trouble pooping.... and this time it was really bothering you after 9 days......
It was so sad to see you uncomfortable and you just weren't yourself.... you were really off.  The Dr.s have told me time again that it is normal for a breastfed baby to go many days without pooping, but I could just tell this time around your little belly hurt!

So one day it just came to me..... dairy, I need to cut out dairy.  Dairy can cause stinky gas and constipation, which is what your problem is (sorry when you read this one day that everyone will know you were constipated, love me still please). And Diary is probably the most common of irritants among babies.  I am not one to just cut every food out of my diet while I am nursing, it is hard enough for me to keep up with the calories, but this time I just knew I needed to at least try and cut out dairy to see if it would change anything.  So I stopped, cold turkey, which is kinda a big deal because I'm like a dairy queen, I could eat cheese all day!  Goodbye Tillamock, I will see you in 8 months :O( And lets not mention the 50 bags of frozen breast milk full of diary I have in the freezer......

And guess what, about 3 days after I cut out diary, you started to poop normal and your rotten gas went away!  Coincidence?  Ummm probably not.  And doing this just 6 days before Christmas was borderline tragic, but knowing that you feel better really makes it that much easier, because I love you Levi and I don't want you to be sad.

moving on

You love to play on the playmat, you grab the toys and talk to them

You just love the bath, I think it's your favorite place

And you love your hands and fingers, always gnawing on them and sucking on them

I'm pretty sure your teething too, the drool and the biting on things is out of control!

You love when Maya sings to you, she usually sings, "little brother dear."  The two of you have a special relationship,  and I love seeing it!   She always knows how to settle you down and bring a smile to your face.

And you love talking to Rapunzel.  It is hilarious!  We sit you in in front of her and all we hear is, "blah blah blah, gaga gooo goo"

You have been hanging out in your bumbo chair a little bit, so tinyDSC_0416 

You weight right around 12lbs And I'm pretty sure your eyes are gonna stay blue levi4months2

Happy 4 months Levi, please stay this age forever!

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