Monday, May 12, 2014

Levi Paul {8 months}

Levi Paul you are 8 Months

You are so wiggly, the most wiggly baby ever!

You crawl an army/spider crawl EVERYWHERE!  and well, life will never be the same for me

You love sneaking to the toilet, everyday!  I catch you crawling in there, gross (and such a boy thing)

You start squealing when you hear you sisters laughing and you get so excited at their excitement

You have had your 2nd hair cut, and we can see more blond hair coming in

You eat so well, picking up everything and eating by yourself, but by far your favorite food is zucchini!

You love this little swing we got you for outside

You are definitely very curious

 what mom?

You love being outside, but of course you are my child :)

When you wake up you pull your crib bumper down, drop your paci and holler for me, while waiting at the edge of your crib (right where you can see me open the door and come in.)  I love it!

You are such a people person, you always want to be near people!

My sweet and fun loving little baby boy, I love you so much DSC_0782

Happy 8 Months


  1. oh my gosh he's almost bigger than the broccoli!

    1. Christy, I know! And he cuddles with it every night, it is so cute!


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