Thursday, May 8, 2014

my remedy

First thank you everyone for your sweet words of encouragement, prayers, ideas, and offers for help !  So many of you have blessed our family in tremendous ways, thank you!

There is one saving grace in my life right now, and that is being able to be OUTSIDE.  If you have read my blog for more than 2 minutes or follow me on instagram, then you know I would just rather be outside.  We have had some really great weather lately, and we are trying to soak every bit of it in!

Being outside is my remedy.  I am so surrounded by all of God's amazing creation and beauty and it is easy for me to see and feel that He is near.  Some of my most intimate moments of worship have been outside, and I can remember them vividly.

I wish church were outside, rather than a stuffy building.  I know, I'm demanding, but it is just so much easier to sing and praise God without being cramed inside a stinky building.  When I was younger we would sometimes have church outside or worship outside and it was amazing!  but that just doesn't happen here, maybe it's because of the frequent lightening, or blizzards, or gale force winds, who knows what's holding these Coloradian's back, but they are missing out!

 We eat outside, play outside, walk outside, read outside, worship outsdie and for Sarah even poop outside :)

DSC_0737 DSC_0725 outside outside4 outside2 outside3

Honestly who doesn't love an outdoor summer bbq, with children destroying the yard, playing merrily in the backyard?

I don't know about you but my kids eat better, sleep better and even have better attitudes when we are outside more, and go figure even I do all of the above better !  Oh and Norah needs almost no insulin when we are outside all day bc she is playing so much, so it even makes diabetes better!  It's like free, all natural, organic, no cost medicine!  I'm in! (or actually out-side)

So here's to warmer weather, blue skies, swimming and less insulin!

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  1. Ok, you've talked me into it! You're moving to California ;)


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