Sunday, March 13, 2011

fun and unexpected!

We have had a good week filled with some fun and unexpected surprises!  First, we love getting things in the mail, who doesn't, especially surprises!

Unexpected package from Grammy and Poppy

filled with personalized audio books

and cute tutu's

and then.....
we got another unexpected package!
from Grandma Phoebe
With 2 adorable dresses

followed by an unexpected nice day at the park
Maya is flying her first kite!

Even more happiness came with Uncle Tim, Aunt Cynthia, Coby and Garek decided to last minute unexpectedly stop by! 
(all the way from Texas)

Maya loves aunt cynthia, and her phone!
this is what all lot of time with our extended family looks like (computers, ipad, ipods, etc)
Maya showing the boys the "Secret Space"
Norah and Maya sat with uncle time for a VERY long time! ( I am lucky if Norah will sit on my lap for 1 minute!)
Norah loved Peek-a-boo with cousin Coby
still hanging out with Cynthia

Norah loving Cynthia
Family Together 

Our time together was very quick and short, but it was so fun!  We were so happy the Gratzer's came out out of their way to meet Norah!  They loved her immediately and made Norah feel even more like our family!

We love the unexpected!

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  1. Great photos, looks like great fun... thanks for sharing :)


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