Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Princesses

I love having little girls!  It has always been a dream of mine to have girls!  I love pink and flowers and tutu's and everything girly.  I have told my husband I could be happy with 5 girls (and he always gives me a crazy look)!

I love that Maya and Norah are so girly!   Maya always says, "my favorite color is pink." and Norah is always wanting her babies (already such a mommy)  and just about everyday the girls ask to wear their tutu's!  Thanks Old Navy for the $4 clearance tutu's!  They seriously wear them everywhere!

In the car

In the store


While brushing teeth

Before Going to Bed

And While Sleeping (or watching a movie)

Don't you just love these precious girls?  They like other girly things too, like pedicures

and princess parties

and loving daddy too

Girls are so fun!

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  1. How precious! I can't get over the tutus. I love that they wear them everywhere, hehe. You're such a fun mommy!


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