Tuesday, August 2, 2011


She would have been 26 tomorrow...... Still seems way to young to be gone.....


I can still hear her laughing. 
I can still hear her boastfully exclaiming how great Norah's vocabulary is
I can still hear her telling me how she pretty much can't eat any food on the planet
I can still see her sassy pink stilettos
I can still see her smiling face
I can still remember my last memory with her at moms house, enjoying an early Christmas.
I can still see her.... everyday in Norah


I can still remember how she would take all of my clothes without asking and it would DRIVE ME CRAZY
I can still remember how creative she was
I can still remember how she inspired me
I can still remember her courage and joy during some of the most difficult circumstances
I can still remember how much she loved Norah

I still cry because I miss her so much
I still can't believe she is gone.......


  1. So sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine..but if it helps in anyway, you should believe and KNOW that families are forever and you will see her again.

  2. Jenni, the more I get to know Norah, the more meaningful it is to hear about Carissa!

  3. Jenni, I have been missing her a ton this week. Us Chico and Paradise friends will be together tomorrow night for her birthday. Glad your mommy is with you. Love you!!!


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