Monday, October 8, 2012

Cafe Goodlin {DIY steamer}

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this like 10 times but both Brett and I have been Barista's at Starbucks in the past.  You can love or hate Starbucks, but I am more on the love end.  It was the only place I could work, while in college, that would give me benefits only working 20 hours a week.  Plus, I just loved it, the people I worked with, what I learned, and the free coffee.  Every once in a while I still think it would be fun to work there like once a month :O)


So, since I don't have free starbucks, why not Cafe Goodlin?


We have our own little spot, right at home. Oh don't worry it is all via Starbucks products and a fancy machine we have.   I am not a coffee pro, by any means, but let me tell you I can make one mean latte.   I love having a treat in the morning and decided that it would be fun for the girls to join in!

No, not with coffee, but with steamers.  Do you know what a steamer is?  Just steamed milk with a little flavored syrup.  It is so fun to do with Maya & Norah.  We have our own little cafe time, we chat and have our drinks, talk in English accents, and we sometimes even read together.  It is really special and fun, plus so fallish feeling!

All you really need to have is a steamer/or frother (sometimes you can even find hand ones for really cheap, like here), you don't have to have a fancy espresso machine, just creamy milk.

Just get some milk (I keep the temp at 100 degree so it is not to hot for the girls to drink)

1 pump of syrup
I bought this whole bottle at Target for $7

a cute helper

Just steam the milk, not to much foam, just enough to make it creamy

Pour into a fun cup

and enjoy

And you can order these at Starbucks anytime, just ask for a kids steamer, and pick your flavor of syrup!  They always steam kids drink to 100 degrees as oppose to the adult drink, which is 160+ degrees.

You are welcome to come over anytime and enjoy a drink with us!
Cafe Goodlin is always open!

 Don't worry, I still go to Starbucks plenty, there is nothing like the real thing!


  1. How fun! :-) I love vanilla steamers for myself too - tastes like drinking a marshmallow.

  2. I really look forward to the installments of your blog, like I would a new book in a series. I wonder if you could take all of these blogs with pictures and someday submit them to a publisher? Jenni you have such a creative bent and are so expressive. There is a lot inside of you that bursts out and your readers are at once entertained, challenged and taken from smiles to tears! Thank you for sharing these insights into living. If nothing else, perhaps someday you could compile these in a book for your children. Blessings, Wanda Lou

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