Wednesday, October 3, 2012

zoo date with Norah

Norah officially had her first "field trip" with preschool last week.   It was a little complicated for me to figure out how to take her, as in, how am I going to arrange this, should I bring Maya & Sarah, or should I just have someone watch them, either way it was going to be a bit complicated.  So I thought, it will be more special with just Norah, let's make it a zoo date!

Off we went.  Meeting her teachers and the rest of her class.




Feeding the giraffes is always my favorite part!
Norah loves reptiles!  Have I ever mention this?  She has no fear of snakes, lizards, or even bugs.  For being so girly and always wanting to wear a spinning dress I find it quite amusing that she is so fascinated with these creators.  She has even let a pythons tongue kiss her face before......


Well the zoo was no different, she loved the reptile section and couldn't wait to touch the snake.  After touching the snake she even leaned down and kissed is.......... the zoo keeper kind of freaked out and said that no one had ever done that before. haha, leave it to one of my girls to kiss a snake



And Norah's favorite part DSC_0267 

We had a special date, just Norah and I! It was really fun, not stressful and so different with just one child.  Let's do it again Norah!

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  1. I'm sure your sister is looking down so proud. Of you and loving Norah. You're a great mommy to her.


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