Monday, October 29, 2012

The most Commonly asked question

So out of all of the questions that I thought might be asked on this blog, the one I get the most I really never expected.  The most common question I get is:

What kind of camera do you have?  and how do you take such great photos?

Ok you must first know, I am NOT a photographer, more like a momtographer.  I am just one of those moms who wants take better photos of my kids and learn more, plus I really enjoy it.

My Camera
I have a Nikon D3100, it is a DSLR camera (meaning a little more fancy than a point and shot)  It is like a "starter" nicer camera.
And I would say, "yes" it helps me take better photos, but with a huge BUT, because I have really had to learn how to start using it in order to take better photos, not just put it in AUTO.

So 5 things that have really helped me to take better photos
(I learned all of these things from other people/bloggers)

1) I stopped using the Flash.  Natural lighting is soo much better, and learning about to use your camera can really help you learn how to take photos using the light around you, rather than the camera flash.
believe it or not since this photo was half in the shade so in Auto my camera wanted to flash, but I decided to use the sunlight behind me instead
2) I changed my perspective, literally.   Get on the ground to take a photo, stand on a table, get at the level of the person you are take the photo of.  It makes a world of difference!  This you can do with ANY camera, even your iphone, just try a different angle

I stood on a chair for this photo, taken by my iphone
I set the camera on the counter at starbucks to get the girls perspective
I squatted under the bubble as she was blowing it
 3) I have read a lot  and practiced A LOT  and am still reading...... boring huh?  I really wish I would have had someone who could have just showed me one on one how to use my camera better, but that has been hard to find. My brother in law Jacob gave me a few pointers and  my friend Celine, has really encouraged me and directed me toward some websites, so I read those when I get the chance.  Weird as it may seem I like learning something, and challenging my brain a bit.

And for the One good photo you see on my blog, it look like 50 to get that one.  

DSC_0757 DSC_0754 DSC_0759 DSC_0761 DSC_0762 sarahpumpkin


4) Sometimes the best photos are just moments, and dirty faces
I just love this photo, Sarah's cheeks, her hair in her face like it usually is, the beach...
I love this photo of Maya, I love that she has a dirty face but is still beautiful,  bc that is what they day was like dirty yet completely beautiful

5) I have learned to shoot in the big "M" Manual, yikes scarey, and I am still learning.   This just takes time and practice.

The "Move to Manual"tutuorial on this website was by far the best in helping me, thank you Courtney Kirkland Blog
I also read this blog a lot, which give great photo tips

I hope that helps some of you.  I would love more input and advice if any of you have it.  I also don't mind more questions, just remember I am NOT a professional photographer.

And don't forget to jump in a photo every now and again too! DSC_0842


  1. i have the same camera. but my photos are not nearly as beautiful. i need to keep practicing. thanks for the tips:) i need to break out of auto. guide mode has helped me a little. but i need to buy a for dummies book i think. lol

    anyways thanks so much for the tips/

  2. your pictures are amazing. i can't wait for you to take our family pics!!


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