Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's be real here

I think it easy, easy to read other people blogs and feel a little discouraged or not good enough.  I mean, everyone has it perfectly together, right?  Perfect wife, friend, mom, photographer, crafter, cook, never does anything wrong, ha, yep, not real.

 I have failed at each any everyone one of these categories.  I have been mean to my kids, given my husband the silent treatment, gossiped about a friend, oh and I am not a good crafter, I just take other peoples ideas, and cooking....... well, my family has the same rotation of about 5 different meals all.the.time....   If I wrote about all of these things for  every blog post it would wear on me and be discouraging, yes it is good to be real, and honest and talk about the not fun stuff, but to continual dwell on my faults and imperfections is not healthy either.  I am human and need grace and forgiveness just like everyone else.

So for those of you who ever read this blog  and have thought to yourself, "man, Jenni has it all together."  I don't.  I have God's grace though, and am continually working on becoming more of who He wants me to be.  On my blog I just choose to focus on things that I like, time with my family, my hobbies, ways I have been encouraged and sometimes, what life "with loss" has been like for me, because maybe it will relate to someone out there.  Joy, Hope, Grace, Optimism, Kindness, Good attitude, those are words I want in my vocabulary and around my home and life.

"But the things that come out of my mouth come from the heart...... " Matthew 15:18

 So tomorrow, I have something special coming. Something we all can participate in a encourage others. (Stay tunned!)

for now a few fun fall photos of my girlies

oh sarah, hahaha

ahh, "i don't really want my hands touching that"

hmmm what is this

love this one of Norah
another great use for a crate


ummm not happening
trying to escape
the best I could do
Hey wait!  That's not Sarah!

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  1. We know you are a real person, Jenni. We know that you and Brett share a profound love of the Lord Jesus Christ. All of us are in the process of growing in Christ. I don't think that ever ends til Jesus comes. But we sure enjoy your family photos and your insights into living. Many of us can identify with the daily struggles and we are rooting for you. You are in the "trenches", and you and your family are in our prayers. God bless you greatly!


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