Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sarah {13 months}

I was never planning on writing more "monthly" updates on Sarah, but I couldn't pass up this one, because she has just turned into her whole little self.


It is amazing how when a baby turns {one}  they are suddenly & completely not little babies anymore.

Sarah you are very independent and play so well by herself.  You pretend all the time, you play with petshops in their little house, you play in your kitchen and pretends to stir things.  DSC_0392

You are definitively an organizer, or re-organizer.  You could re-organize crayons ALL day, not even kidding, this can keep you busy for hours.  One day I could hear you happily playing in the living room at the kids table.  I went to go put the crayons away, but there were no crayons to be found..... I had no idea where you put them, and then I saw you doing this

DSC_0334 DSC_0336

So our crayons are frequently in the flower vase, I just leave them there, it is way less messy and if the girls need any I just grab a handful out, and then Sarah eventually puts them all back in the vase.  Her little brain amazes me.

You know a few words
-mimi  (milk)
-teetoo (thank you)
-bye bye (along with a wave)

You also know a few baby signs
-all done

You still only have 2 teeth in, but there are 4 on the top coming in all at ONCE!  Thankfully you don't seem to be very fussy over this and you eat anything anyway!

I forgot that you can be a bit more needy in the evening hours  now that you are one and this is often what my evenings look like, but I love it!

You are definetely walking, you started to just a few weeks after you 1st birthday and you are now officially walking more than crawling, it is still so funny to me to see you pop around the corner upright.

You love Books!

And you are a little comedian, often chiming in with your adult laugh at the dinner table when you have no idea what we are laughing about DSC_0411

You are  just getting so BIG looking & that hair, makes you look so much older 13months2

But you Still have those cheeks



You have also met "Sarah # 3" the Sarah I have know the longest, since I was about 5 years old. It was so special and fun that you got to meet her. I love that she knew your grandpa, uncle & aunt and can share those memories with you bigsarah

I love the few minutes we get together alone, while your sisters are at school. Our time is always filled with so much joy 13months4

I love you litte bug


  1. She is so adorable! I love those cheeks! The crayon story... Love it! How adorable is that! :)

  2. She is so cute I love the crayon story!


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