Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Thanksgiving thoughts

1. We leave tomorrow for Houston, TX.  Yep, why not another 18 hour car drive with 3 little girls after just returning from California 3 weeks ago?


2. I am kind of a freak a few days before and the day before leaving on a trip.  I get in a "pack" mode and no one is allowed to interrupt.  My husband has just learned to let me do my thing.

3.  I am a terrible packer when it comes to packing my own clothes.  I just can't never know there might be a blizzard in Houston while we are there, and if I don't back something warm there certainly will BE!

4. I am really not a huge fan of most thanksgiving foods.... except for some delicious Bread!

5.  Speaking of Food, I have been loving snacking on walnuts lately, but they cost about $100 a pound, so I better quit that habit quick

6.  Thanksgiving day, 2010, was technically the last day I saw my sister Carrisa alive, via skype.  Will always treasure that moment

7. Norah's not feeling so well, of course the night before we leave on a trip

8.  I already got all of my Christmas cards from Costco (last week actually)  Designed them myself, can't wait to send them. Trying to stay ahead

9.  I hate licking the glue on the backs of envelopes ever since my job in H.S at Dr. W's, when his wife told me how gross the glue was (yes, thank you Wanda) , so that is why you may see tape on the back of an envelope I sent you, if you don't see tape Brett licked it, ha!

10.  I am really looking forward to the 24 days of advent with the girls this year.

11.  We leave in 5 hours, perhaps I should go to bed! 
Maya=silly face, Mom=hair in face, Dad=mustache, Sarah=crying, Norah=Normalface (seriously the one time_)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one...unfortunately, it carries over to Christmas decorating!! Ummm...and it's supposed to be fun?! Seriously, it just needs to get DONE and then it'll be fun!! :) Have a great time on your trip... We may be making a similar trip one of these days since Jenielle & Blake are in Boerne, TX. LOVE your Thanksgiving picture!!

  2. Jenni, we are way too much alike. I totally get in my "pack" mode and don't let anyone in my way. Every trip, I'm the only who does the packing....and I pack WAY too much stuff for myself! Kev always gives me a hard time because I don't end up wearing half the stuff I bring.
    Hope you guys have a wonderful time on your trip! Love you, BFF!

  3. Ahh the joys of traveling with kids! Have a great and safe trip!


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