Monday, July 8, 2013

7 months Pregnant (with little man)

Yesterday we took off Sarah's diaper so she could  go poop in the potty, and she did!!!

1 minutes later, while her diaper was still off, I see her in the corner of the living room trying to push out more poop

I quickly grab her

But a large piece of Poop falls from her booty onto the floor

I step in it


and then pee my pants because it grossed me out so bad


Welcome to being 7 months pregnant with a 1 year old who doesn't like to wear diapers anymore.

Still loving it though :O)
just wish my bladder could hold more
that acid wasn't bubbling up in my throat constantly 
and that maybe my due date wasn't coming up so quickly

I am closer to being 8 months pregnant, but with being so busy and out of town lately I didn't have a chance to grab a photo of my actual 7 months pregnancy date, that's ok though!

I have photos at 30 weeks with my previous pregnancies, take a look!
30weeksmaya_edited-1 30weekssarah_edited-1 30weeksboy_edited-4

And 7 months with Sarah & baby brother  

I am definitely bigger, but am ok with that. It's the 3rd pregnancy I have had in the 3rd trimester and I am sure to be bigger, plus its a boy!
And about that Boy, we have a name, and are pretty certain on it, we just aren't sharing it, we are keeping that one thing a secret for now
And Maya, she loves him so much and does this on a daily basis.  It is one of my favorite things

7 ish Months!


  1. SO EXCITING!!! I am so happy that your family gets to add a little boy to the mix! I cannot wait until you have him!

  2. You look fabulous! So you really need to share what you did to lose some of your post pregnancy weight!

  3. You are the cutest pregnant lady!


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