Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boats & wraps

I always love finding easier ways of doing things.  Easier ways that really don't take a whole lot of effort or money by me.

So I am going to share one with you, something that has made my summer a whole lot easier!!

Paper Boats

Yes, totally lame and silly and not at all environmental (don't report me to the EPA)

But so much easier for serving meals and snacks, yes, like all lunches and dinners and every time guests come over, this is what we eat out of!

Why use them, do you ask?
It has saved me about a million hours of cleaning, dish rinsing, and dish washing (so there, I am being environmental, using way less water!) So I have had more time for other stuff, like my girls!

Not kidding I ordered about 1000 of these from amazon, and they were so much cheaper, less bulky than paper plates, and so much more fun!  
Look perfect for all meals even spaghetti!

I accidentally ordered the really small boats at first, ones that are for like 1 bite to eat, so I had to reorder. But I have used the small boats for snacks and smaller meals.

Big Boat, small boat, boat boat boat!

Snack sized 

I think you can get them at Sam's club, but we don't have a membership there and if Costco had them I would be sure to buy them there ( you hear that Costco?)

I use them every time we have guests over!  If you have been over to dinner at our house this summer you have eaten out of one of our classy boats.   And if you haven't eaten out of one of our classy boats it just means you need to come over!

I take them to the pool when we grill out, they are easier, cheaper, and less bulky.

I take them on hikes, bikes and with trikes.  Well, no, none of those, I just felt like this blog needed a rhyme. 

They have simply, just made my life easier.

So here's to boats!

You want to help make my life easier too?  Well, I need some advice.  I need a good Wrap/sling for when the baby comes (like to carry the baby). I  have a feeling I am going to need one a whole lot more.  I had the moby wrap with Sarah and didn't love it..... I had one with Maya too, the Hot sling, but it wasn't all the great.  So I need a good wrap, that I can understand how to use, and put on myself and put the baby into it myself, that is safe.  
What are your suggestions?


  1. You can buy biodegradable eco friendly food boats here, and not have any guilt at all!

  2. This group is great for babywearing questions; check out their docs section:

    Our local group: is a great resource, as well :)


  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has simplified life by using throw-away products! I've used plastic spoons and cups for awhile now. Glad you've found a way to make life easier!

  4. Love the snack size ones...very useful...I should get some for my classroom!

  5. It's not a wrap but my sister loves her Ergo baby carrier. I know she only has two kids and wears her Ergo daily to get things done. I'm sure with 4 your hand will be so much more in demand. The Ergo is comfortable and her baby loves it too. He promptly falls asleep when she "papooses" him. Let us know what you decide to go with and how you like it!


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