Monday, July 29, 2013

Colorful Dates!

A while ago, on another blog I saw a mom take her son on a date doing a 5k color run!  I thought it was such a fun and great idea for a date, so I stole it, well kind of.  I told Brett it would be a good idea for him to take Maya on a date doing the same thing.  See, I don't come up with these ideas on my own,  I steal them from other people and you can steal them too!

Even better he found the Color in Motion a 5k run on Groupon and we didn't have to pay for Maya since she was only 5.  So it didn't cost much at all and they had a blast!

Norah, Sarah and I got to be part of the audience and it was fun even just watching.

They got doused before they even started, you should have seen the smile on Maya's face!


Plus, I let Norah get involved in some of the color action.


Ready, Set, Go! 

Sarah loved watching!
DSC_0501 DSC_0520 

waiting at the finish line
 colorrun3 colorrun4 

They did it!

 I know it looks like more like Maya a zombie run, she just ended up in a lot of red, it is stuck right below her eyes and mouth
colorrun7 colorun7 colorrun8 colorrun

Next year, Norah's turn!

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  1. HOW ADORABLE!! One day the girls will be able to run the run! I want to run a color run one day...hmmm need motivation!


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