Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Embracing Pregnancy

To often I hear the horror stories
What a pain it is to be pregnant
How uncomfortable it is
the throwing up
the acid reflux
the sleepless nights
yada yada yada
It is all of those things, and to different extremes for every person

But sometimes I just want to stop, stop complaining, stop hearing how horrible it is and Embrace IT! all the good and bad!

I want to remember what a joy and priviledge it is to have a living being inside of me.
To know that each day this tiny miracle is forming something new and intricate, from the tiny hairs on his head, to the toe nails on his feet.
To feel him move, wiggle inside, and have tiny hiccups
To know that each day is so fragile and such a gift
To know that some how God gave me this amazing job, to caring a baby inside
To pray for his future in those moments he nudges me 
There is no experience in life quite like it

I know women who would do anything in the world to experience this, to throw up non-stop and be ok with it because a little baby is forming inside of them.  To gain weight, knowing the greater purpose. To be uncomfortable and totally enjoy it!

I only have 10 weeks left and this might be my last pregnancy (who knows in our family though, right?).  I want to enjoy the moments, as uncomfortable and tiring as they may be. I want to hold onto them and not forget, not forget this season of life and how wonderful it truly is

I love having this little baby inside of me


  1. I really needed this reminder, so thank you! I'm at the uncomfy stage and forget how special and remarkable it is to be pregnant. Thank you again for sharing.

  2. Love this! It's easy to complain, but you're right - it's such a miracle to carry a baby inside you!

  3. Thank you for posting, Jenny. So often people don't think about the other side of it - those like myself who will never experience child bearing. I love that you embrace it and remember what a true gift it is. ;)


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