Sunday, July 14, 2013

More than a Room, Maya's own room

We decided Maya needed her own space when we moved, so we gave her her own room.  And it has been such a healthy and good choice for her at this time in our lives!

Her room has taken time, but slowly has come together.

When I decorate my children's room it is more than just decoration,  I spend time thinking about my kids, what they are like right now, what is reflective of them.  But more than that as I decorate their rooms I pray over them.  When I paint, I ask for the Lord's guidance in my child's life, that their walls will be a place of safety and protection.  I don't make it complicated, simple prayers for my children, it is really nothing profound.

DSC_0505 DSC_0513 DSC_0515

the curtain fabric is from, my sister Danae made the "Maya name" and I did the art on the wall.
the hooks are from Ikea
this used to be Maya's crib, now converted into a full bed.   Art work done by me, photo is an engineer print from staples, Duvet cover from ikea
  I did simple art using canvas' from hobby lobby, some cut out scrap booking paper, ribbon and mod podge, about $7

When I was painting Maya's room the song, "Amazed,"  by the Desperation band, kept going through my mind, I even played it as I painted.  And this one phrase just kept standing out to me, so I had to put it on her wall.
"You dance over me, while I am unaware"
I just think it is such a picture of God's hand in our life, he rejoices over us and so many times we have no idea.  I want her to know that the Lord celebrates her life!

I did let Maya participate in some of the decorating also, when I say participate, it is more like a guided participation.  When I went to pick out paint colors, Maya picked dark purple, forest green and yellow........ ummmm no!  So I just gave her a choice between different pinks and grays, and I also let her decorate her bulletin board the way she wanted with what photos she wanted.
DSC_0499 DSC_0496

Maya really wanted to pose for some photos in her new room
she really wanted one with the blanket
her dress even matches
Pretending to sleep
my sweet girl!
I want my home to be a place where people are welcome, and feel safe, where the Lord's presence is sensed, where needs are provided and love is felt.  I want it to be more than words written on the walls, but what is actually present. I want this for my children and for anyone who visits.  Sometimes I get it wrong and worry to much about how it "looks" or whether or not it is "clean" enough, I am still working on priorities and what really matters, like these precious children of mine.


  1. I love how you decorate each of there rooms! They are so beautiful and creative! Your girls are so beautiful, and I love there names! I bet Maya really likes her new room. It looks amazing, good job Jenni.

    1. thanks kelsey! Maya does love her room and her own space!

  2. Can you please come decorate my house?? It looks amazing!

  3. I love your heart and sweet spirit that comes through your writing. Your girls (and soon to be son) are so blessed to have you as mom.
    Great job on the room, and I love that you pray over it while you decorate. :)


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