Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Levi Paul {3 months}

Levi Paul

You are my squeely, happy, little man.

You are still pretty little, probably somewhere in the 10lb range.

I think 3 months is one of my favorite ages

You are totally interactive and happy, sleeping a lot longer, you will also sleep anywhere, and you coo and talk a lot!

You love when people talk to you, you always smile, wiggle,  and coo back

You stopped pooping again, sheesh......... I don't know what to do about that.  You will poop once, and then go like a week wihtout pooping, and then poop once, and then go like another week, and the cycle continues.  Maybe we should call you Levi Mcpooperton, or not, since you don't ever poop!

We call you Levi, Lebi, Buddy, and Brother.

You get called a girl ALL.THE.TIME!  Sorry about that buddy.  Despite my efforts, to spike your hair, cover you in a blue blanket, and put football clothes on you, strangers will come up and say, "what a cute little girl....." really?  maybe they look at me and think......."that mom couldn't possibly have a little boy, therefore that must be a baby girl." 

Or maybe you're just to cute!

I love the way you fold your little hands together, clasp your fingers, and wiggle them around while you are nursing, it is so sweet

You gag yourself a lot, in fact you gag really easily, sometimes even on a paci, you must have gotten that from your uncle Jacob

You do take a bottle, but you don't love it.  When daddy gives you one you will initially just push it right out of your mouth and smile at him, like your saying 
"hey you're not mommy, nor is this her booby"

You took your first road trip to HOuston, Tx and loved it!  You couldn't get enough of all of that constant love and attention

You also had your first trip to the beach
levi3months2 levi3months5

You go down easily for every nap except your last..... it's a tricky one and you almost don't need it anymore, but still kinda do

  I love how big you're gettin! 
I can kinda finally see a leg roll

Keep growing, but don't grow up.  Love you!

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