Monday, December 9, 2013

Beards for Babies

My husband is going to grow out his beard........ for a very long time, hopefully.

Hopefully? Yes, I never thought I would say that!

But then I know why he is doing it, and that makes me not just ok with it, but happy!  Happy that my husband has such a big heart, that he will think of some funny and creative way to do something for someone else.  This is so much of who he is!

So why is he growing it?

My husband is doing a project called "Beards for Babies"  Totally ALL his idea.  He is growing out his beard to raise support to open Child Survival Program in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International.   The Child Survival Program helps give babies a fighting chance, it gives necessary medication, tools, supplies, and education and support for mothers.

To open this project $25,000 needs to be raised!
  So Brett is willing to continue to grow his beard every month for each $1000 raised.  
So $1000 = 1 more month of beard growth. 
 $25,000 is needed to open the project, so this could be 25 months worth of beard growth!! 
People that's over 2 years.  
This could be pretty Intense! I honestly can't imagine what his beard might look like, he may even surpass some of our Duck Dynasty friends!

This was a few years ago when he grew his beard for just 5 months! Beard: March 1, 2010

Brett decided to start Beards for Babies when our little baby Levi was born in August. 
So it has been growing for 3 months and will only continue to grow with your help!

All you need to do is donate.  This money DOES NOT go to our family, it goes to the non-profit organization Compassion international, it is tax deductible and will go to the La Canasita Child Survival Program - DRCS7

 So if you want to help little babies have a better chance, or if just want to see my husbands beard grow then donate!

You can also check out his website and Facebook page or the direct Compassion Page

There is also a link on the side bar of my blog

I love my husband and that he is doing this and would totally appreciate any support! 


  1. This is a cool idea! I'll have to re-post and spread the word. :-)

    1. Callie that would be awesome if you spread the word, thanks!!


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