Wednesday, May 18, 2011

20 Week Ultrasound and the Babies Name!

As you know how we are having a little girl!  We are very excited in the Goodlin household.  We have heard all the jokes about to much estrogen and how hard it is going to be, but we feel so blessed!  Even before Norah became a part of our family I have always pictured our life with 3 little girls (even though I only wanted 2 children, weird huh?)  I have had dreams about 3 girls before and told many friends about this, so when we found out it was a girl, it was perfect for our life and our family!

We were at the ultrasound appointment for almost 1.5 hours!  Little baby did not want to cooperate and was in this position almost the WHOLE time  (feet above head).


The Ultrasound tech could not see hardly anything including gender and major organs.  So she had me walk/run around for 10 minutes 

running running

The baby finally moved a bit, enough for the tech to see most organs and be sure it was a girl!  It was fun getting to see her so much, and the tech said everything was looking great, but I may have to come back since she couldn't see everything.  I don't mind seeing our little girl again :O)

The story behind the name.  About a week before our ultrasound appointment Maya started to call the baby in my belly, "baby Sawah."  Brett and I have discussed this name a lot, and it was even a consideration when we were having Maya.  On our 6 hour drive from Durango Brett and I were discussing baby names again, and we both agreed right away if it was a girl we would name her "Sarah," there was almost no discussion, we just knew.  We couldn't agree on a boy name if our life depended on it though, ha

Meet Sarah Eileen Goodlin

Sarah means "Princess."  We love that this is a classic, biblical name, but not to old sounding. We love that you really can't mess it up and we love that we have had so many special Sarah's in our life, we know this one will be just as special.

Eileen, which means "pleasant," was Carrisa's middle name.  It was easy to decide this, we love having a part of a family name with significance.   With all of this happening so close to Carrisa's death it seemed fittingly appropriate and meaningful to give her this middle name.   Sarah will never get to meet Carrisa on this earth...... but she will always carry a little piece of her.

So now I am just about 5 month pregnant, 21.5 weeks.  I can feel Sarah moving all over the place and can't wait to meet her!  I love that she has a name, I love that Maya knew who she was before we did, and I love the way Maya and Norah call her "baby Sawah"



  1. I cried when I read this. Jesus knows how to impress His Will even on the tiniest of hearts.

  2. jenni...what a special story of how you chose her name. oh, it just melts my heart. i can't wait to meet sweet baby sarah!

  3. Awe Baby Sarah has no idea the love she will have! So excited for you dear take care of you girls! Love you so much

  4. sweet baby precious jenni!!

  5. wow, Jenni! So sweet! I love the name and it totally fits the family.

  6. That is an absolutely beautiful name. :-)


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