Monday, April 4, 2011

GiaLily Give-a-way

I love that so many of you want to keep up on our lives and see what is happening with Maya and Norah!  So just for caring about us, we are doing a give-a-way thanks to my good friend Shaina!
Shaina is amazingly talented and creative, she makes the cutest craft boards and headbands.  She even made a headband in honor of Norah!!  I love all of her items.  I even had the girls wear her headbands in our most recent family photo shoot.

Want to see what the give-a-way is for? 2 adorable GiaLily headbands! 





 You get both the adorable silver and pink floral headband, (which can be worn by any age ) and the stretchy gray and pink headband.

All you need to do is head to GiaLily and post a comment here on my blog about which item of Shaina's is your favorite!

Give-a-way ends Sunday April 10th at midnight, be sure to leave your comment by then!


  1. Oh so fun! ! I think both of the Carolyn headbands are is everything else though :)

  2. I like the new collection! And the Norah one is super cute

  3. I love the Picasso Carolyn headband. It's intriguing and fun to look at. Thanks, Jenni. :)

  4. I love both of these headbands!! I love that they are so girly, adorable!:)

  5. I just looked at the website and there as so many that I liked. I really liked all the felt flower bobby pins such a great idea! and I really liked the brown and white handmade flower headband:)

  6. Thank you Jenni for sharing this journey with us! My boys LOVE Norah and pray for her every night. May God continue to sustain you and bless your family!!!!
    Stephanie and the Abken Family!
    It's definitely hard to choose a favorite, your friend does AMAZING work, but I really do LOVE the Norah one :)!

  7. I really like the headband that Norah is modeling... (bright pinky-orange), followed by the Carolyn headband... your friend is both talented and creative!

  8. I love the felt flower bobby pins!

  9. I like the new collection headbands. I love ready your blog posts. They are very touching. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a fun thing to do!
    Umm...Lots of fun things, but I like the "Singing Pansy Large Cork Board." The colors are really pretty...just up my ally. She's totally creative!
    Love you!


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