Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reserved for Carrisa

I have always thought about how there are going to be things that Norah says or does that I really wish Carrisa could see and be the first one to experience.  This is already happening!  It makes me feel so sad inside that she won't have these special moments with Norah, it doesn't seem fair.

For Example:
Maya and Norah were sitting on the bed together and Norah looked at Maya and said, "wuv you Maya."  It just melted my heart......


Sister love




Within the past few weeks Norah has been saying, "wuv you too," after I tell her that I love her. This is a moment, that I feel should be reserved for Carrisa. I love that Norah is saying such a sweet and wonderful phrase, but it breaks my heart that it is not to her mommy. This is such a proud moment for a mother, when her child says "I love you." I wish Carrisa could be here right now.

I know there will be many more of these situations to come, but for some reason that "I love you" phrase seems like such a big deal to me, well because, I know that Norah loved Carrisa so much and I just wish Norah could have said it to Carrisa on earth, before she left.

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missing you lots sis..........


  1. way to make a pregnant lady cry, jenni! ;-)

  2. Same here, but I'm not even pregnant


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