Monday, May 2, 2011

Lots of hair

We have lots of hair in our family!  Everyday I get to deal with LOTS of hair, not just my crazy, frazzled, thick pile of a mop, but because I have two little girls with lots of hair, a husband with thick hai,r and a white fluffy cat!!  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but somehow both of the girls have this constant syrup, crusty, tangled mess on the hair chunk that swoops across their face. (and I refuse to cut bangs, sorry). I know Carrisa wouldn't want bangs on Norah and Maya's hair is to curly for bangs.

Every morning when they wake up, even though I wash, brush, and blow dry their hair the night before it is a tangled mess!  Neither Maya, or Norah has ever had a hair cut......and I don't plan on it anytime soon, even though it can be messy. 
See what I mean



This is pretty tame for Maya, actually



So I apologize for any photos of my daughters with their hair not all the way brushed, I do brush it everyday, but sometimes it just won't stay.  Like in these photos, I tried to cover up the mess with these cute twirling betty visors I got from Etsy





I had to throw this one in with Daddy, because it is so cute and you can see Pikes Peak in the background

I would much rather have a mess of hair on 2 precious little girls, than no hair at all to deal with.

Oh, and I can't forget of photo of my husbands hair!  This him last year!

Beard: February 21, 2010
he shaved it off right before we went to Disneyland

Maybe I will be brave enough someday to post of photo of myself when my hair is crazy!


  1. Such beautiful, golden hair those girls have! My girls are the same way with their hair, lots of it, and it gets crusty, messy, and crazy pretty easily! I had to buy some professional hair serum for them, like what I use on my hair nightly. I use CHI hair infusion, but for them, I use something slightly less expensive like BioSilk serum. HUGE difference!

  2. Maybe you could braid it at night?
    Or what if they had silk pillow cases? Ive heard that is an old fashioned remedy for tangled hair. Lyndsey had long hair with ringlets touching her tailbone by the time she was five. I used to sit forever brushing and combing out her tangles. I would comb through her hair with the conditioner slathered in it. Oh what anguish we go through for beauty!

  3. You dress them so cute and I think you should quit your day job and become their modeling agent!

  4. oh my hair! such fun photos of your beautiful family and their fabulous locks. love your creative photos and those visors are so adorable! i saw those on a blog last week...i think i need to try and make them :)

  5. My first two girls had very long hair. Satin pillowcases work wonders!

    Love the pics!

    Momma to 9

  6. Can't...handle...THE CUTENESS! :-D

  7. Advice for you: Spray bottle of water, small RUBBER bands. This was a lifesaver to me also, some hair product like a good non sticky hair get will keep those flyaways tamed!


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