Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to Cali

We are headed to Northern California Tomorrow!  We will be gone for about 10 days if it seems quite around here.  We will be going to Sacramento, Paradise, Santa Cruz, and Placerville.  Can't wait to see so many of you!

I have been packing for our trip and here our some of the essentials we take on the plane to accommodate 2 toddlers!


yes, lots of snacks!


  1. If we could, I'd love to connect. I'll be in Sacramento on Sunday, May 22. I'll be in Redding the following week. Let me know, you have my number.

  2. This will be my counter in a few weeks! I'm exhausted already. :) Did you know Costco sells the Annie fruit snacks in bulk? And at a 'deal' compared to the small packs anywhere else. Have a GREAT trip and I hope your travels are full of ease and your time in CA refreshing and restoring!


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