Monday, May 9, 2011

Finger Paints

We just spent a weekend in Durango, CO (which I will post about later this week).  There is lots coming on the blog this week, a cool give-a-way, announcement of the gender of baby Goodlin, and mothers day!  So keep posted!  For now I wanted to share about some of our crafting from last week.

Last week, I decided it would be fun to let the girls do some finger painting to make mothers day gifts.  I knew it was going to be very messy.  So I prepared by covering the floor with newspaper and letting the girls be in just their underwear/diaper.

It was REALLY MESSY!  Even paint on the walls!!  Paint in the hair!  And Norah had paint all over her diaper and was pretty much painting with her booty.  It was hilarious watching the girls enjoy the mess!





and here comes the mess.....



ha, look at the color of the bath water

After (you can see the hand print plates we made for the grandma's)

It was disastrous fun!


  1. You are so brave! Norah's belly is beautiful! I just want to kiss it! LOL

  2. And I see paint on your carpet. Well, it takes all kinds. Glad you love to clean up messes. What wonderful photo opportunities.

  3. I have done this outside only twice with friends, then we hosed the kids off!! You are very brave, I never once thought of doing it inside, looks like they had so much fun!! We did this with a playgroup once too and bought cheap wrapped canvases at Michaels then let the kids finger paint, and toy car paint, and water balloon paint, was a great time!!


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