Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Dentist

Maya had her first "Official" visit to the dentist a few days ago.  I say "official" only because I have tried to bring in her to clean her teeth twice before this visit....... and it did not go to well.  I decided this time it would be better if Maya saw one of the other hygienists that I work with, not me, so I brought her in to see Lynae.

Maya woke up kind of grumpy......not good.  As a hygienist, you do not want to be the parent of one of those difficult dental children, and for some reason, when it comes to teeth, Maya is difficult (of course!).   When we first got there she would not open her mouth for Lynae (oh great!)  so I left the room.  After that point Maya warmed up more and more to Lynae and let her do everything!  She even warmed up to Dr. Thompson, who she is usually very afraid of.  When Maya was finished she looked at me and said "Lynae did a much better job cleaning my teeth than you did mommy!"  Thanks Maya................

I am glad you finally semi-enjoyed it and had no cavities


Yes, she wore he tutu to the dentist.....inside out

Refusing to open her mouth....


Maya showing the Dr. everything she got!

Norah eating snacks and playing with toys to pass the time

A few  dental tips/facts for parents and Children (these are my own)

1. Brush your childs teeth as soon as they get them!  Although they are baby teeth they are in their mouth for 12-14 years and can cause major health issues if not taken care of.

2.  Age 3 is usually a good age for a child's first dental visit, although the American academy of dental pediatrics tells you to take them when they get their first tooth (not realistic).  Of course ,if there are any concerns before age 3, please bring them in.  I say 3 only because that is when most children will cooperate, enjoy the visit, and have all of their baby teeth.

3.  Babies in the womb do Not steal calcium from your teeth, this is just a myth. Most women's teeth are affected after pregnancy from throwing up, eating sweets, and not going to the dentist for an extended period of time after having a baby.

4.  Gluten, if you or your child has a gluten allergy it is best to use Toms of Maine toothpaste, because all other brands have gluten.

5. Flouride, I say use it.  Which can be controversial.  Yes, I use Fluoride on Maya's and Norah's teeth (a tiny amount) even before they could spit it out.   Fluoride, in small doses, is extremely beneficial to teeth and can prevent so much un-needed disease and pain.  (In a large amounts Flouride is toxic, like if your child swallows a whole tube, that is why it is important for parents to put it on).

Here's my rant:
I have never seen a report actually linking Fluoride to cancers or any other diseases, there are just random (not backed-up) articles on the internet that imply this.  Yet I have seen so many scientific, evidence based studies that have show the tremendous benefit of Fluoride, especially in communities that didn't have it.   I live in Colorado Springs, and right here in Manituo Springs (our neighbor) there is one of the highest naturally occuring areas of Fluoride in the natural water.  If Fluoride were so toxic wouldn't the people of Manituo Springs have an abnormally high cancer rate or some kind of other disease link?

It is just to hard for me to first hand see the effects of dental diseases and children who are in pain with tremendous amounts of bacteria in their bodies, when it could have been prevented.  Yes, eating healthy and brushing your teeth will help, but sometimes that is not all that will do.  I have seen a 2 year old, whose family was extremely healthy (good diet, brushes teeth daily) have severe  dental decay (mom was against Fluoride).  I am sure there were other factors, but it was a great reminder to me of why Fluoride is beneficial even with good diet and hygiene.

Of course as a parent, you have to decide what is best for your child. I am just a hygienist and this is just my opinion based on studies, first hand knowledge, and education.

If you have more dental questions feel free to ask!

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