Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All it took was a cupcake

Alright folks, I am going to reverse back in time momentarily to this past June.  We decided it would be a good time to potty train Norah.  She was 2, had an older big sister to mimic, she was waking up from naps with a dry diaper, and Maya potty trained right after she turned 2, so why not Norah?  The biggest reason to potty train Norah though, is that we did not want to have 2 children in diapers, YIKES!

So with Maya we did the "potty training in a day" method and it worked brilliantly, she had only 1 wet pair of underwear and that was enough for her to realize she didn't like it an went pee pee in the potty easily, done!

Yeah..... Norah is a different child.  And after 23 pairs of wet underwear, every bribe you could think of, and no real signs of progress, we gave up, it was just becoming to stressful.  We decided to wait until my mom came, with her extra help we knew it would be much easier.  Well when my mom came we tried different methods, my mom even bought her a doll that went pee pee o the potty, but no luck, she just would NOT go on the potty.  She would tell us she had to go, sit on the potty and then right when she got of she would pee on the floor, ugh!!

Once the baby was born I gave up, it was to much to deal with and a lot of it probably came down to my laziness.  Norah would tell me she had to go pee pee and I really didn't believe she would go on the potty or I just didn't want all the work that went along with it so I just left it alone.

Until this past weekend, when Norah started to put a diaper on by herself.......... It was just to much for me, I mean if she can put her own diaper on certainly she can go pee pee on the potty, right?  Or at least my husband thought she should.  So Brett got her big girl underwear and told her if she went pee pee on the potty she would get a "cupcake."

And guess what she did 4 times on Saturday folks?!?! That's right, pee pee in the potty!! It was like a miracle from heaven!  All she needed was a cupcake!  I should have known, Norah has gagged down food she does not even like if she knew she would get a cupcake!  How could I not know this, Carrisa loved cupcakes, I bet she would have used a cupcake as a bribe right away and had much more success than me!

We have gone  4 days, and no, we are not accident free, but Norah had gone pee pee in the potty enough to get rid of diapers. (no poo poo in the potty though :O( )  I know it will be a lot of work, but this just seems like such a huge milestone.  Good job Norah, I am so proud of you!  Mommy Carrisa would be so proud of you, I am sure she would have put the news all over facebook!

How can you not love this little face, she is so happy about her achievement and officially calls herself a "Big Girl"

P.S Tomorrow is our home study with the social worker, pray everything goes well!


  1. Yay Norah! :-D You're right, every kid is sooooo different. My niece was potty trained the moment she received Disney Princess panties. My nephew, refused to potty train. Just refused. He eventually got there.

    And who wouldn't do anything for a cupcake? :-)

  2. That is so funny! My mom had to bribe me to potty train too - she would put my "present" on the back of the toilet so I could grab it after I successfully used the "potty". I'll probably be bribing W when the time comes too!


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