Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Not so "Happy day Project"

A few of the blogs I look at are doing something called the "Happy Day Project"
I thought it would be fun for the girls and I to get involved, we are always looking for something to do and it is good to teach them to do thing for others, so this seemed perfect.

happy day

Day 1: Bring a treat to a Neighbor

So the girls and I made spiced cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, yummy and fun!

We had to make them cute


All packaged and ready


Excited to head out the door!


After nap time off we went to the neighbors, but no one was home, so we went to another neighbor and another and another (we were trying to meet someone new) Finally I decided we should go to the house of a mom I have met, but don't really know, she was home!

When she opened the door we told her we had made cupcakes for her family  andshe responded by saying, "Oh I don't have any candy for your girls. "
FYI, she is Russian and I don't think she fully understands American hospitality. I insisted that we did not need or want anything from her, we just wanted to be nice, say "Hi" and give her family some treats. She then proceeded to invite us into her house because she had some questions about childcare. Mind you I had the 3 girls with me and I was a bit hesitant, but she insisted we come in. The girls proceeded to get out ALL of the toys (including playdough) and destroy her house....... and the neighbor kept telling me she didn't have candy or treats for the girls....  I couldn't remember her name so I was telling the girls to say thank you to "the nice lady," for letting them play (shame on me)

Then, Maya set up a bowling game, very meticulously and Norah decided that she should destroy Maya's game... sigh. So here goes Norah, on purpose kicking down Maya's bowling pins, Maya SCREEMS and shoves Norah! Norah falls and starts to cry, Maya is crying and being punished while I have the baby falling out of the moby wrap. All this while the neighbors little boy is sleeping upstairs. I am mortified1 I try to tell the girls to clean up, but they refuse, whine, and cry and are just plain naughty. The neighbor tells me its ok, that we don't need to clean up and at this point I figure it is just better to get the girls out of the house before they cause more destruction and wake up her little boy. Oh boy, so much for wanting to be nice and neighborly. It was a "not so happy day" when the girls got home. 

Welcome to my life


  1. awwww so sorry! what a bummer. I so know that feeling when you feel like you've lost control!! oh man. i love this idea though... ill have to check into it! thanks!

  2. oh my gosh, this is hilarious and yet I can feel your pain! Although maybe in the middle of your chaos you made her feel a little more sane. I always smile when I hear a child throwing a fit in Target and the poor mother looks mortified! It just reminds me that no one is perfect and always makes my chaos seem "normal". Ya never k now, maybe your chaos was a blessing to her. :) And if nothing else, at least she got some cupcakes!

  3. Doesn't it just figure that our kids are complete angels until the moment we really WANT them to be? :-)


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