Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another reason I miss Cali

Ohhhh, I am sure you are probably thinking, sheesh more on California?  Yep, we were there for 2 weeks and it was soooo busy.

I still heart California for so many reasons, and my BFF Sarah H is certainly one of those reasons.

Let me just tell you if you ever want to have the BEST hospitality ever just visit the Hornaceks!  Seriously, the food was amazing, there was constant entertainment and I even got a free babysitter out of the deal!  In fact, it was the only 2 hours away from my children the whole trip!  Oh and we even had a free taxi pick up, via the Hornackes new mini van!

- DSC_0666 

 It was so fun getting to see their new house! 
 Of course we had to get a photo on the famous chair DSC_0677 

We spent 2 nights and 1 whole day there, and our whole day was filled.
Nothing like early morning Kinex DSC_0683

since when did Maya turn 10? 

and this little guy, Kaden, he stole my heart. I don't get a whole lot of time around little boys, so we  hung out a lot

and both him and Kyri loved baby Sarah hornaceks2

the kids loved the blow up mattress and I caught them all in there

Sarah had a craft prepared hornackes2

And there was tons of time outside DSC_0763 
Kaden snuck in for a kiss DSC_0770 

look how cute these two are!?!?

I could never leave these 2 in the same room together alone, chaos
nothing like a meal with friend, even when you grow up


 Kaden is such a character, once he sat on the ledge, everyone had to hornaceks5

Kevin even watched ALL 5 kids, so Sarah and I could go on a girl friend date (2 were sleeping)


We hit up 2 of our favs, Chevys DSC_0817
and sonic happy hour
 One of my favorite photos DSC_0797

and Kevin, he held Sarah most of the time.  He is so sweet, and is such a great daddy DSC_0802


The kids also got to make their own Gluten Free Pizzas hornaceks6

and decorate their own Gluten Free Cupcakes
 hornackes7 hornackes8 

We were so happy to get to see their beautiful new home and hang out together.  The kids got a long so great.  Always wished we lived closer to this wonderful family


  1. I love these pictures! Looks like such a fun fun time!!

  2. You sure packed so much into your trip! Sarah's are the best. I have two besties - both Sarah's. (one with no H) lol


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