Thursday, April 12, 2012


On Monday night I had a friend call me to ask if I wanted a pre-pass to the JBF  (Just Between Friends) sale.  I had heard of it, I knew it was a big consignment sale that happened a few times a year with tons of baby and kids things, so I said "sure."

Welllll I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I pull up to the parking lot at my assigned time and there is already a HUGE line out the door, many moms with empty laundry baskets and wagons ready to shop, ready to run me down........

I seriously needed moral support, but my pass only allowed for me to get in, so I texted my friend Lindsay who gave me the full warning of its craziness.  My palms started sweating as the lined moved and I could see through the window and hear the women behind me plotting their moves.  All I could things was, "Is this real?"

Then I entered.

and I became frozen.

I didn't know what to do, where to look, how to breathe, because I was so overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, it was like Ross times 1 million (and I am not a Ross person).   I just slowly started walking, looks at the piles and piles of baby supplies.


The idea of it is actually pretty brilliant. I goes something like this.  I want to sell a baby item, I price it with a tag through the JBF website, I drop off my item for them to sell, and if it sells, I get 60% of the sale.  So, some items are priced GREAT, people just want to get ride of stuff.  Other people....... well, they are a little proud of their used items. There can be 20 of the same items, all a different price because each person prices their own.  This requires a lot of digging and searching, which I am terrible at!!  Just make it easy and I will pay more, I know that is totally lazy.

Anyway, I continued my search and found a few items we needed.  I completely avoided the clothes, because, well, that was just beyond ridiculous to look through.  

Then I heard someone call my name, a friend, Jamie to the rescue!  She came with her wagon piled high and I just stared at her, she gave me some quick tips and advice and I pushed through. 

  I wandered over to the section with about 150 strollers and just turned around.

And then I saw this.  
seriously not digging through that
The building became more and more crowded and I ended up doing my usually "sweating" routine.  My eye started to itch really bad and I was really resisting touching my face, I just felt so germy.  I am weird about stuff like that, I mean I am in the health care profession and have taken way to much microbiology and I definitely know how gross kids things can get and they were used, and I felt dirty and hot, and ehhh

I needed water

Then I got in line to check out.  In line for 37 minutes

I ended up with a small pile, which I am proud of because I seriously had the least amount of items compared to almost every mom. (mostly things for Norah's birthday and a few other things)

Here's the thing...... yes there are things at the JBF sale for a great price, things people need, but since so much of it is cheap I think a lot of people just end up buying way more than they NEED.  It is the sale temptation, the temptation of "I have to buy it, because it is a great deal."  I am totally guilty of doing this, but this sale seems to promote that, and I had to be really careful.

I am not trying to dis this sale, it really is great, and helps people who need things at a more affordable price, it's just not my favorite way to shop. I like clean and organized.


  1. i had to laugh at this. someone just today asked if i wanted to go to one tomorrow here in castle rock with them, they said they are crazy but sometimes you find something good. i think you just answered my question...going tomorrow with all three kiddos is out of the question:) ...yay for good finds though!!

  2. I was smiling about you not wanting to touch your face...I am the same way. I am such a germaphobe. I keep hand sanitizer everywhere, and wipes as well as sanitizer in my purse. And the first thing I do when I walk through the door of my home is wash my hands. And anyone who is with me has to do the same. lol

    I don't think I could handle this sale. I am not a fan of people being everywhere trying to look at the same items. Let me use my coupons as normal stores anyday and I will be happy. :)

  3. I'm with you, girl! I'd probably run screaming from the building from overstimulation. :-)

  4. (I've never commented before, but have been following your blog for over a year! Creepy, huh? lol)

    The JBF sale is fairly new to my area. I've gone to 3 of them. I've never seen a line like that. That would stress me out and I probably wouldn't go in, LOL! The Fall sale last year was pretty busy, but everything stayed pretty neat and orderly. But then again, I always go the first day before it really gets completely picked through.

    I know exactly what you mean about buying stuff just because it's a good deal. I do that crap all of the time especially for my daughter. (She's 8 months.)

  5. JBF sales are AMAZING! But, the real beauty of it is to go to the pre-sale as a first time mom. That's how you save the big bucks. I went to one in Kansas City and got my son's stroller/car seat combo, exersaucer, bouncy seat, highchair, play mat, toys, clothes, etc all for WAY cheaper than normal. Starting out and needing EVERYTHING this was totally the way to go. Now I go and just browse and maybe pick up a few things, but that first stock up visit was a life saver! :)


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